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Lori has her long arm fired up and has been getting some quilts done!  She recently sent me emails sharing them so both this Thursday and next Thursday, I have quilts from Lori to share.

Lori writes:

I recently was contacted by Dori J. in Washington state, asking if I was interested in this bitcoin quilt top for a donation quilt.  Dori has donated quilt tops previously, that I have finished.  Dori sent this great scrap quilt top, 70” x 90”.

It is always so interesting to me what quilt backs will work with tops that are sent to me.  Of course, the backs don’t need to match, but I do want something that will coordinate a little bit.  And I never know what will be sent.  

A while ago, Jo had sent me a box of fabric to use for backs, the pieces were one to two yard pieces, so putting a few together for a back is very doable.  When I got this box from Jo, I thought, hmmm, not sure what these will go with, but I didn’t have any tops yet, so the box sat.  

When I got this top I immediately knew there was something in that box that would work, and…

it did.  Very nicely, in fact, I love how the back turned out, and after I was done quilting, I trimmed off the backing and used that for the binding, and I love that too.  

I just never know how something will turn out until it is all done.

 I love how this quilt turned out.  It was meant to be.

I don’t know who had sent the backing fabric to Jo, but I’m betting someone will notice it.  The three pieces that I used were from the same fabric line.  Wonderful pieces of fabric!!  So thank you!

This quilt may go to Sharehouse, a drug, and alcohol rehabilitation center OR it may go to families that have had house fires. 

I have to say, it truly is better to give than to receive.  

When we were having dinner one day with my husband and two sons, they were talking about this family that had a house fire, I mentioned that I had a quilt I could give to them and my son immediately got up and started calling, and later that day he delivered the quilt.
He was just so excited to be involved in giving away a quilt.  ;-)           The next day, my son said that he had delivered the quilt and that the family was so very appreciative.  


So thank you Dori, Jo and the gal that donated the backing fabric for giving us the opportunity to “give”.  It is just the best feeling!”

That’s a great story!!  I love that the quilt came at the perfect to do good for a family in need.  I love that Dori and Lori have hooked up and are working together to do great things!!  Many thanks to the blog reader who sent the backing fabric.  There always is a need for backing fabric!!


8 thoughts on “Community Quilt from Lori”

  1. The bit coin quilt is fabulous. I am sure it’s beauty will be a bright spot, for a family that has suffered a lose. Good work ladies.

  2. Beautiful quilt. The more I see that quilt the more I like it. I might have to try my hand at making one. Thanks to all involved in making that quilt. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Love Love your blog. I’m missing seeing cross stitch updates though. I did cross stitch in the 80’s but got into quilting and stopped the cross stitching. You got me started again and I am loving stitching on linen!! Have made several small pieces for my dough bowl (inspired by you!) . I love your sampler wall. You’ve inspired me to try a larger piece. Also love hearing about your family and garden.

    1. Connie…I usually do cross stitch updates on Friday mornings. I’m just writing one now for tomorrow. Thanks for the note…

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