Community Quilt from Lori

I have a fun quilt to share with you from Lori.

She writes:
You sent me a stack of 64 lovely blocks that someone had sent to you, I don’t know who that was and I’m sorry if I misplaced the name of the person who donated these, because it was a really nice stack of blocks. The blocks were made of very nice fabric and were put together well also.

This quilt top measured 95” x 95”, I think this is the largest quilt I have quilted so far.

I dug into my stack looking for backing fabric and found a couple fabrics that coordinated.

At first I looked at the bird fabric thinking, well that doesn’t go well with the top, and then realized that the colors were just darker shades of the colors that were in the top.  The bird fabric was large enough for two strips across the back but needed a third strip.  So I used the light blue to make the backing wide enough.

These strips of fabric came along with the top, but each strip was only 20” long, so I needed to add another fabric to get enough fabric for binding.

I had the grey in my stash, so I made a scrappy binding.

Since the strips were already cut 3”, that is what I made the binding.

I stitch my binding on the back first, then fold it around to the front of the quilt and machine stitch it down.



I had a a quilt design that I had never tried before, so I used it.  It is called…
Maori Moki e2e.

Above is the front of the quilt corner and below is the backing corner.

Last weekend I was getting this quilt finished up and while I was working on it, you sent me an email asking if I wanted another top! It was meant to be.”

Lori sends most of the quilts she finshes to Sharehouse a facility that helps people work with their addiction.  She also donates quilts to fundraisers and benefits in her area.

This one is going to be loved by’s so pretty and Lori did an amazing finish on this!  Thanks to Lori and the person who donated the quilt blocks.  If it was you’re reading this and it was you, please let us know in the comment section.










The next day my mother in law gave me some $ to help with the quiltmaking for Sharehouse.  And the day after that I received a thank you letter in the mail from Sharehouse thanking “US” for several of the quilts I have brought to them, along with a handwritten note from one of the gals who had received one of our quilts. 


I think it was meant to be.  🥰


Thank you Jo and thank you to the gal that made and donated the top, if you are reading this, please respond so we know who you are and we can thank YOU!


Thank you ladies for helping me to donate to Sharehouse, a chemical and alcohol rehabilitation residence.


Take care,


9 thoughts on “Community Quilt from Lori”

  1. What a wonderful job Lori did finishing the quilt! I love the quilt design she used…it has such movement and fun lines. What a blessing to those receiving the quilts.

  2. Judith Fairchild

    What an absolutely beautiful quilt in every way. The person who d instead and chose the colors to Lori who put it together and quilted it and thexwoman who received it. Jo you are a wondercat or organizing. This charity quilt stuff.. thank you for making my day brighter even before sunup.

    1. Hi Carolyn, I just delivered six quilts to Sharehouse on Monday, Nancy is my contact person, and she is always so grateful to receive these quilts, and even more excited to be able to give the quilts to the residents of Sharehouse.
      Thank you for your interest and kind words.

  3. Margaret in North Texas

    Oh that quilt is just beautiful. The maker did a superb job as indicated and Lori finished it that way too, Thanks to all who had a hand in this project!!

  4. What a beautiful quilt top, touched by a few but to be loved by one who receives it. Thank you for sharing your talents and time for such a great ministry.

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