Community Quilt from Lori

Happy mail in my email…I got pictures of a finished quilt from Lori who finishes quilts for Sharehouse a facility that helps people who are struggling with addiction.

Lori writes:

I received a surprise quilt top and backing in the mail from Annie M. who lives in Washington state. This is a beautiful quilt top.

Annie pieced this quilt top expertly, using quilt shop quality fabric that is fun and bright. This is a sampler quilt using fabrics with “creatures” such as frogs, bugs, turtles, chameleons, and such.

It was surprising and fun to see how many different dot fabrics that Annie used in this quilt.

As soon as I opened this box, I immediately wanted to quilt it, it is such a fun quilt.  Ann had included the back and it was all stitched together and ready to load on the longarm.

The back was a good quality muslin that really showed off the quilting nicely.

I had used a lime green fabric for the backing of another Sharehouse quilt and from the fabric that I trimmed off had enough to bind this quilt.

I finished binding this quilt on Monday morning and on Monday afternoon I received another surprise pack from Ann M.  This next quilt is even more impressive (if that is possible).  I love the creatures/dots quilt.  Here is a sneak peek.

Thank you Annie and Jo for giving me the opportunity to donate to Sharehouse.”

Wow.  What a fun quilt…polka dits and novelty fabrics.  It’s a quilt that makes my heart happy.  thanks for your hard work ladies!!



10 thoughts on “Community Quilt from Lori”

  1. Very nice quilts and both so colorful! Again, I just appreciate seeing these and know each will go to a worthy recipient. Thanks to all who helped!

  2. Anita L Jackson

    Wonderful Completion and such a great cause she is sharing with. Everyone needs a little extra comfort when struggling.

  3. HELP… what is & where to find the pattern of 2nd quilt ( blues & creams), in this post. I have 2 !!!, groups og fabrics that are screaming for this pattern. Have info, please text you will be answer to prayer. Thank you in advance. I can read e mails, but have no clue how to anything else but erase them. I have help just to do this here.

    1. Morning, Patt
      Didn’t use a pattern. I used the remarkable Pineapple Trim Tool from Creative Grids (I used the large one). Would recommend cutting the strips wider than they suggest. Annie

  4. Margaret in North Texas

    Annie M, Thanks for sharing these beautiful quilts tops with Lori to finish and give to a worthy charity! Lori, thanks for your part in giving these tops a lovely finish along with outstanding pictures for us to view!

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