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Here is a photo of a quilt top that you sent me that was made by Gloria.  Gloria did a fabulous job piecing this quilt top. I believe it is a Gudrun Erla pattern from the book, “Stripology Mixology 2”.  What a fun quilt.  Jo also sent along the backing which was tan and was the perfect amount to back this long quilt. I think the quilt top was something like 64” x 99”.  I decided to add a border on the sides to make it wider, using solid brown and a stripe.  I also used the same brown for the binding.

The quilt ended up being… 76” x 99 1/2”.

It’s funny how lighting affects the colors of the quilt.  Of course, the picture taken outside shows the colors the best.

What a wonderful quilt for a resident of Sharehouse.  Thank you Gloria and Jo for giving me the opportunity to share our gifts.

Wow…that quilt turned out awesome.  I’ve not done any Gudrun patterns.  Seeing this one has me wondering why??  Such a nice quilt.

Thanks so much to Lori for finishing this, writing out the info me, and taking all of the pictures.  I take pictures and know from my experience it isn’t always easy to get good lighting or have the weather cooperate.  A huge shout out to Gloria who started this whole quilt in motion.

Lori donates twin-sized or larger quilt to Sharehouse a facility that helps those struggling with addiction.

9 thoughts on “Community Quilt from Lori”

  1. Judith Fairchilld

    What a yummy quilt. I love the way the colors come together.
    Thank you to the designer the quiltes’ and you Jo for sharing this quilt and someone new to look up

  2. Nikki DeRamus Moshier

    Beautiful quilt and finishing. I love the sashing and how it ends differently at the bottom. Great inspiration.

  3. Thanks Lori. Your quilting is just wonderful and I’m thrilled it will be going to someone to enjoy. The added side borders are great add and show off your skills!

    Yes, it is the Wanda pattern from Gudrun Erla’s stripology mixology 2 book. Gudrun hosted a quiltalong using the pattern. It’s always fun to see how everyone’s choice of colors changes the look. This pattern was especially clever because each block uses 5 charm squares (not 9 like you may think). Her rulers and instruction make it easy.

    Thanks Jo for connecting us up to get this completed. You’re an inspiration!

  4. The quilt is Wanda and the pattern is in Gudrun Erla’s book Stripology mixology 2. She did a quilt along with this pattern this winter. It is a great pattern.

  5. Margaret in North Texas

    I really like the colors and pattern in this quilt and it was a wonderful finish by Lori.

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