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Hello…I sent a lot quilt tops out last Fall and I got this one back as a finish. The email came from KM but wasn’t signed with a full name. The email sat in my inbox for three weeks with the intention that I would send an email back to find out who KM was. Then the email got buried in other email. I made the decision to just post it as is before I lost it again. Oh my. (Yes I am still email challenged)

KM writes:

Hi.  I’m sew excited to FINALLY get to send you pics of the 1st quilt I completed that the Cresco ladies pieced and you so generously sent to me to quilt and donate. 

This one will be going to Faith Academy school in Mobile AL for a auction to raise money to help parents pay for the extra expenses associated with the dyslexia program and other special needs classes.

I’ll let you know how much we were able to raise for this awesome cause.

The event is Saturday April 28, 2024.

I hope this brings a smile to your face and more warmth to your heart. 

Please send a special thank you to the kids ladies that pieced the top. 

Thanks for sharing this. You did a great job finishing it!! I’m so happy you were able to finish it and donate it. MANY thanks to the awesome Cresco Ladies. They do such good work and help so many.

6 thoughts on “Community Quilt from KM”

  1. Great idea to use it as a fundraiser. So many programs in schools are underfunded. Hope it made lots of dollars. Great work!

  2. Great work between KM and the Cresco Ladies. I, too, hope the quilt was a good fund raiser for such a good cause.

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