Community Quilt from Karen and Jazz

As I was wading through my email last week, I came across two emails that caught my eye and made me so happy to see.  Those were emails from some of our volunteer quilters.

The first email was from Jazz.  She was busy finishing some quilts.  She writes:
Here are the last two quilts I finished with Sarah Wolfe’s batting. They’re both about 45″ square, both going to the county hospital newborn nursery.

Coming next, quilted tops by Joann in San Fransisco Bay, and Joyce in Omaha.

I tried to show Jazz’s quilts individually but the pictures wouldn’t come apart.  I think you can still see the colorful coin quilt and the pretty star quilt.

The next quilts are from Karen.

She writes:

“Here are the last of the quilt tops you sent that were pieced by the Cresco Iowa ladies (such a great bunch of women).  

I really had a lot of fun quilting the first one.

I used an allover meander panto except I did a little bit of outlining on the top row with the horse and pineapple.  This measures 42X52 and I used material from my stash for the backing and the binding.  I’m sure anyone who receives this will enjoy it and it will be donated to one of the two nursing homes in my hometown.

 The second one …

will also go to one of the nursing homes and it was also quilted with an allover meander.  It measures 52X54.  I again used fabric from my stash for the backing and binding. 
Thanks, Jo for facilitating the distribution of the quilt tops so that the love and warmth can happen all over the US.  Cresco Iowa ladies keep up the wonderful work you are doing.”

Also, I am currently without tops to be quilted.  If you could link my info when you post these on your blog, that would be great.  Also, I would love to have tops (or blocks that need to be put together) that you have received if you have any to send.  Thanks again.

Well we can’t have a volunteer without items to work on, right??  I’ll be sending some quilt tops Karen’s way but if you have something that you’d like to offer that Karen requested, feel free to contact Karen at

A huge shout out to Karen along with all the people who donated to make these quilts happen.  It really takes a village!


4 thoughts on “Community Quilt from Karen and Jazz”

  1. Karen, Great to see another Hoosier long arming for Jo. Based on your email address, I am guess you live around Bloomington. I am from the Evansville and have been to Bloomington multiple times. Bloomington is a true gem. Keep up the great work.

  2. These quilts are such wonderful examples of what happens when the quilting community here at Jo’s Country Junction pull together to make quilts for the needy. Fantastic job Jazz, Karen, and friends!

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