Community Quilt from Joanne and Cheryl

Take a look at the latest community quilt made by blog readers.  Joanne in New York made this beautiful blue and blue and blue and white top that is king-size at 105” x 105.”  Joanne sent this top to me, and I forwarded it to Cheryl in Dallas for completion.  Cheryl shared these pictures after she finished the project.

Joanne’s top is a lovely collection of dark blue, medium blue, light blue, white, and pink blocks.

I only wish you could see the back of Joanne’s top.  It is just as precise and neat as the front.  She pressed all the seams open.  I’ve heard of people like that!

This top is a wonderful example of How To Match Those Intersections.  They are all perfect.

The computer screen shows the digital pattern used in this top.  It is called Buzz, by Apricot Moon Designs, digitized by Peg Lindberg.  It is available on  The dark lines on the left show where the machine has already quilted, and the fainter lines on the right show the direction the machine is heading.

You can see the big flowers of Buzz being quilted out.  The quilt pattern mimics the flowers in the blue fabric, don’t you think?

With a digitized longarm, the quilter has both hands free to pull loose threads and pet the fabric as the work continues.

Even with a king-size top, it didn’t take long to get to the modeling stage in a shady Dallas back yard.


Joanne sent matching binding for the quilt.  Unfortunately, it was not quite long enough for this king-size top.  But, fortunately, Joanne included a leftover 1/8 yard of the blue fabric along with the top.  It was just right to finish the needed binding — with about 2 inches of fabric leftover.

The flower-on-flower motif turned out pretty nice.

Cheryl found this blue backing with more flowers and some red birds in her stash.  She said the 11 yards of fabric was given to her two years ago.  I guess it was just waiting for the perfect use.  That’s a lot of fabric to be donated, and I, for one, appreciate being able to make simple backings without the need to do much piecing.  At this stage, I’m ready to get on to the next quilt.

Joanne and Cheryl’s quilt is going to the Christian Women’s Club in Gainesville, Florida, to be used in the annual quarter auction.  The items that will be auctioned at the luncheon are shown a month in advance, and the ladies always excited about the upcoming meeting when they get a chance to win the lovely prizes.  This quilt is bound to be a highly coveted item in the auction.  Who wouldn’t want this to win this quilt!

Joanne, let me know if you are giving lessons on precision piecing because you are an expert and I could always use a few pointers.  Thanks to both ladies for their efforts to help this charity.

Thank you for considering a donation to cover charity quilt shipping costs.

15 thoughts on “Community Quilt from Joanne and Cheryl”

  1. What a lovely finish by both ladies. I think that shade of pink plays really well with the blues and the design for top quilting is a great match. Someone is going to be very happy to win it at the auction.

  2. Carolyn Thompson

    So wonderful for these ladies to share their talents in making something for a Charity!!
    Blessings to Joanne and Cheryl for a beautiful quilt!!

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