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Yahoo…More community quilts to share.   I’ve had so many come in that I’m squeezing in an extra post with them. Today’s edition comes from Jazz.  She writes:

I have three quilts for you on this extraordinarily cold (record-breaking 18 degrees!) day in Southeast Texas. I took my pictures outside so that snow-doubters (I was one) can see that it really does exist.

Do you know what I love about donated scraps? Sometimes donors include abandoned projects in their gifts. Usually, it’s a square or part of one. That hint of a suggestion ignites my imagination to invent a whole quilt from the piece. In the scraps Holly Melton sent me, there were fifteen daisy-and-dot nine-patches already completed. What a prize! But … to make the quilt big enough (at least 36″) for my intended recipient, the babies of the Harris County, Texas hospitals, I lacked one piddly little square. Lucky for me (and for the babies) another of our mutual friends, Sarah Wolfe, had given me some sweet purple fabric that I fashioned into the needed square.

I sashed and backed it with yellow gingham from my stash and FMQ’ed squiggles between the squares.

I hope the baby that gets this blanket knows that if s/he feels “different” to be proudly different – front and center!

The next blanket is also inspired by a few pieces of squares, these from a gift of scraps from Sue Rea, of Pearland, Texas. I love her sweet, soft colors and straight lines. I was able to craft the entire quilt from strips and bits she gave me. I backed it in flannel from my stash.

Sue and her mom quilt, but they don’t cherish their left-over snippets (can you believe it?) She provided a very generous amount of bits and pieces of fabric to me. You’ll be seeing more from them soon.

My third quilt is from a finished top by one of my absolute very favorite quilters ever – Joann of San Fransisco Bay. You included several of her masterpieces in the very first package you sent me and I have to keep reminding myself of my pledge to complete each one and give it away; in order to reduce my reluctance to part with them, I am only finalizing them sluggishly, with envy for the ultimate recipient. Joan is a better-than-professional sewist.

She’s the one the word “artist” was created to describe. Her flimsies are perfectly constructed with luscious fabrics, sharply pressed. and fully prepared to make the quilting easy to do.

This darling baby quilt finished at about 40” square. It’s backed with a soft yellow you sent and lightly batted with flannel courtesy of Sarah Wolf, another of your followers. (With all your admirers in Houston we could start a Jo’s Fan Club!).

Oh wow!!  These are all so great and I’m sure will be loved.  It’s too bad with the Texas weather that these aren’t already in the hands of people who need them.  Many thanks to Jazz and the wonderful people who have been sending goodies her way!!

6 thoughts on “Community Quilt from Jazz”

  1. Beautiful quilts! So sorry for the snow and all the problems going on in Texas. So thankful that things are getting better there, but still many without power. Thanks for completing the quilts.

  2. Pamela Papazidis

    Jazz — so wonderful to share your creativity. My mom also lives in Houston and is a knitter. She has knitted some baby size blankets and sweaters and is looking for somewhere to donate them. Would you share where you donate? I am hoping that you have your heat and electricity and did not suffer any burst pipes.
    Since I visit several times a year, I would like to join the Jo Fan Club.

  3. Margaret in North Texas

    Beautiful finishes Jazz. You do wonderful quilts with those donated scrapes etc. Thanks to all in the loop that help you!

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