Community Quilt from Jazz

I’m so happy…Jazz sent some finished quilt pictures.  I just love seeing her work.

Jazz writes:
Hi, Jo! Recently you sent me some red work beautifully done by one of your readers. I made them into a cheerful little baby quilt with some stars on red background border from Jeanne McArdle (of AZ?) and white polka dots on yellow from Holly Melton (of Brazil, IN) for a new baby at one of the county hospitals in here Harris County, Houston, Texas.  This one is about 45” square, stitched in the ditch as well as tied at each corner with yellow crochet twine. The pieced squares, blue and white gingham and plain muslin back were from my stash. The batting was from you.


Here’s a  close-up of the back Isn’t that great embroidery? Whoever did this is

very artistic on the sewing machine. You have some mighty skilled – and magnificent! – followers.

Jeanne McArdle also sent me two collections of hearts she appliqued and some sashings. This pink quilt is how I finished one set of hearts after my wife laid them out for me. She’s “not a quilter” but I think she’s a good arranger, don’t you? The other, the smaller set is on my design board. Be watching for it, it’s just as sweet.

Here’s how I finished the back, in light pink. Jeanne says she’s colorblind, but it’s hard to fathom when I see how beautifully she selects and displays her hues.

I’m kind of sad to be showing you the next one. It was a top you sent me over a year ago, with several others by Joann from San Fransisco Bay, CA. I’ve loved finishing every one of hers; I was loathed to finish it and give it away! It’s done in her very expert style with the cutest fabrics and favorite colors. This one was stitched in the ditch and tied at the corners with dark green crochet string.

Here’s a close-up so you can see what I mean by the cuteness of it!

My last quilt of the show is a flannel yellow and blue dotted one made from the donated fabric of your readers. I stitched it in the ditch and tied the corners as well. Flannels are among the most sought after by the babies. They like the softness against their new skin.

The back is more of the dotted blue flannel.

All these are about 45” square as per the request of the in-kind donation coordinator of Harris Health.

Harris County operates Lyndon B. Johnson, a 332 bed-, and Ben Taub (402 beds) teaching and research hospitals here in Houston welcoming all patients of every diagnosis, regardless of ability to pay. They have been overwhelmed by the COVID -19 pandemic, but the newborns just keep on coming, so, several quilters here just keep bringing them quilts.

Thank you, Joann, Jeanne, Holly, Jo, and all your friends for sending me the materials to create these gifts for the new little Houstonians!

Many many thanks to Jazz and everyone who sent things Jazz’s way.  She is doing so much good in her community with the help of your donations.  Jazz loves getting flannel for backing her quilts.  You can find Jazz’s contact info on the quilt donation page HERE.  She is #20 on the list.


5 thoughts on “Community Quilt from Jazz”

  1. So Beautiful Jazz- I’ve just moved to Llano. Maybe we can hook up sometime. Thank you Jo for having this site where we can all come together for one common good. You were heavily on my heart today Jo – I pray all is going good for you.

  2. June, we’re only about 250 miles apart. Here in Texas, we call that “just down the road”! Next time I’m in Llano I’ll give you a call ; ).

  3. The heart quilts are beautiful and the love that the quilters infused in making it is palpable. The lucky recipient is going to feel the tenderness and good wishes from the donors.

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