Community Quilt from Elizabeth

Elizabeth has finished many quilts…and today’s a day I’m going to share even more of her finishes.

Elizabeth writes:

Here are three quilts that I have finished lately. The first one is a good example of what comes around goes around or something like that.  The pink floral fabric was a sheet I donated to the Cresco ladies and they used it and you sent the finished quilt back to me.

I still had another sheet so I used it for the back.  I included a close-up picture (last photo) of a flower that I used as part of the quilting pattern.

I made my own template!

The second one might be a repeat — I looked through the emails I sent you, but…

the photos aren’t attached, and I finished this one several months ago.  I basically followed the lines on the quilt and backed it with some light purple fabric from my stash.  It was donated to Small Things Matter, an organization that provides all kinds of support to people in need.

The last quilt also had as the border fabric that I have so I used it for the binding and to piece the back.  The pattern on the green part is from a stencil called Country Rose, I think.

This quilt and the blue one went to the Interfaith Center to help people who were affected by a flood at their apartment complex.  It was a sad story — a young man exited his basement apartment that was inundated, but he couldn’t find his mother outside so he went back in and was lost.  Several other families were lucky; they only lost possessions.  We had one of those typical rainstorms that these days results in torrents and the apartments sit low near a creek.”

Didn’t these all turn out great??  I love the story about how Elizabeth donated a sheet to the Cresco ladies, the leftovers were used in a quilt and then the quilt came back to her.  Serendipity!!

Thanks to everyone who made these happen!!  Good things happen when we work together.


4 thoughts on “Community Quilt from Elizabeth”

  1. Judith Fairchild

    The Cresco Ladies sure do great work and they are so creative in the choices they make with what they have on hand. Eluzabethvdid a great job on matching and quilting their work. Thd pink sheet storybis part of the fun.

  2. Judith Fairchild

    I like Elizabeth’s story and the way she did the quilts from the Cresco Ladies. Designing hervtemplatecwasxa plus. Beautiful work Elizabeeth. The quilts are so lovely.

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