Community Quilt from Doris

I have had lots of quilts in lately.  I just love it.

Doris is the finisher on all of these.  She writes:

Hi Jo, here are three from the last batch you sent. They were all made by the Cresco ladies.

This was my first time quilting with Minky and I loved it. I did take the buttons off and FM some eyes since it was going to a program serving at-risk moms with babies.

This one was… free motion quilted with swirls. It will go to Quilts Beyond Borders.

This one was 48×56 and I free motioned your swirls with flowers on it.

It will go to Quilts Beyond Borders. I had backing which closely matched the sashing.
WOW…those look great.  It’s so fun for me to see quilt tops come in.  Often they are sporting creases where they were folded and come with lots of other quilts.  I don’t really see the quilt for the quilt.  When I see pictures of them finished I can really see and appreciate the quilts for what they are.  That is thanks to the great work of the finishers!!  Great job Dori!!

7 thoughts on “Community Quilt from Doris”

  1. Margaret in North Texas

    Well done, Doris and Cresco ladies. Three wonderful quilts to be donated to worthy causes.

  2. I am encouraged to read Doris’ words that she loved working with minky. I have some minky that I’ve been too apprehensive about to use. Lovely job ladies. Blessings!

  3. Ann Marie Drop

    I loved seeing the little kittens. I have made several quilts featuring those cuties and there puppy friends. Some child will love them I am sure.

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