Community Quilt from Cheryl

Yahoo…I have a great quilt to show you today.  Cheryl finished an awesome quilt top!!

Katy in Janesville, WI, sent this quilt top to me back in November, and I sent it on to Cheryl in Dallas.  She put her touch on it with the quilting and binding.

If you like sampler blocks, you will love this beauty Katy made.  Is it from a kit?  Maybe a blog reader or Katy herself can chime in.  The quilt has four large sampler blocks in the center, four different borders, and four different corner blocks.  Plus several borders spaced throughout.

This latest finish uses dark red, navy, medium blue, and green with a background of white.  This color combination would work great for a Quilt of Valor, too.  The top border looks like 9-patches with white background fabric in the corners, but that’s not how it was made.  How did Katy come up with the crosses?  Very clever and very nice.



This top is getting soft swirls called “Embellish,” which was created by Hermione Agee at Urban Elementz.  The computer screen on the longarm shows the pattern is just getting started.  The dark blue portion has already been stitched as the machine moves from left to right on this row.



Katy’s top is about…
1/3 of the way finished now.  In this portion of the center section, you can see two sampler blocks.  Don’t you love those large blocks?  At the bottom of the photo is another border with huge bowties.



Yes, we want to see the finished product.  This quilt finishes at 82” x 94” and makes a nice size twin quilt.  Katy’s workmanship is excellent — all the seams match perfectly and those points are intact.  Even with all the traveling from Wisconsin to Iowa to Texas, the pressing held up and the top was in great shape for quilting.


Flying geese for this corner block.


A complicated star with a pinwheel in the center for another corner block.


The binding came from Cheryl’s stash.  It’s a bright pink batik that picks up a color in the outer border.


The backing is a bright blue sheet.  It is being put to good use on Katy’s quilt.



One last look at the finished quilt.  This one has already been delivered to Luke’s Closet in Dallas.  From there, it will go to a student at Dallas Theological Seminary (DTS).  Some guy or gal is going to treasure this one.  Many of the students use their quilts as bedspreads, and this one is bound to be admired by everyone who sees it.

Most quilters who donate quilts never hear anything from the recipient, but Cheryl in Dallas recently got an e-mail from a student who received a community quilt from Luke’s Closet.  Cheryl wanted me to share it with you.

My husband and I are students at DTS and were recently gifted one of your quilts. I wanted to thank you for this beautiful and generous gift. It made us feel specially seen by God during what has been a trying semester. We will cherish the quilt for years to come!

If you have ever donated a quilt, I hope you consider this thank-you note being directed to you.  Folks really appreciate your work.  And so do I.

A big thank you to all who helped this quilt come to be.  It’s a beauty, that’s for sure!!

18 thoughts on “Community Quilt from Cheryl”

  1. Christina A Coats

    OMG. I’m in awe of this amazing quilt. Cannot stop looking at it and the finished result was mind blowing. Just wondered if it was a pattern or the makers own design. Never seen one like this. lucky recipient. You are part of an amazing team Jo, it’s obvious the love that goes into the quilts and it’s such a treat to see. Thank you.

  2. What a stunning quilt! It’s brilliant that people work together to help others. There should be more of this in the world.

  3. Thank you for sharing this beautiful quilt and the thank you note Cheryl received. We usually never hear from specific recipients of donated quilts, but always pray that those quilts send a message of warmth, comfort, and God’s love and care.

  4. Oh my, what a beautiful quilt!! I haven’t seen one even close to that pattern. All the quilts you show us are beautiful in their own way, but this was very unique. If there is a pattern for it, I’m sure many of us would like it. What a t ouching thank you note also.

  5. What a gorgeous quilt! Kudos to Katy and Cheryl – and to you, Jo, for facilitating the result!! Someone will treasure it for years, I’m sure!
    Thanks for sharing!

  6. Margaret in North Texas

    Such a beautiful quilt Katy, Cheryl and Jo. it’ s very pleasant feeling when one receives a thank you note!

  7. Gorgeous — it’s easy to picture it on somebody’s bed!! Would be a dream -and that vision is MY bed!!
    Love the colors! Adding my thanks to all that help with finishing and quilting.

  8. Anyone know what pattern that is? I’d love to do one for a Habitat for Humanity family that is getting a house this fall.

  9. Angie in SoCal

    What a gorgeous quilt! From their thank you, it was needed just when it got to them – the Lord works in mysterious ways. Cheryl – you were the hand of God for these two.
    At my house, I have not forgotten that we have those 12 quilt tops you sent us, Jo, for our St. Anne’s Sewdality. Everyone in our group is hoping the diocese will let parish groups meet again this month and we look forward to working on them. Most of our members are over 70 now and no one felt comfortable getting together at homes. Now that we’re all vaccinated, it may be more doable. We’ve still made quilts for the low income new mothers in our town. If you’d like to see some go to

  10. Judith Fairchild

    What a beautiful exciting quilt. Love the color combinations
    Thank Katy Cheryl and Jo for giving and sharing.

  11. The quilt was a “Quilt Block of the Month” from Joann Fabrics. This pattern was called “Threads of the Heartland”. Each month you got the pattern and precut fabric shapes. I think it was available around 2002.

  12. The pattern was a block of the month that Joann Fabrics had several years ago. I think it was called heartland or something like that.

  13. It is a block of the month from joann fabric. It consisted of 12 blocks and a finishing kit. It is such a coincidence that you posted the picture today. I just started piecing this quilt last weekend while camping. It is much nicer in person than the picture on the front of each kit and easy to take camping since all the pieces are pre cut. It has been sitting on the shelf in my sewing room for over 10 years so I am really glad I decided I needed a project while camping. I was curious so I looked on eBay and there are many kits still available if anyone is interested

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