Community Quilt from: Cheryl in Dallas and an Unknown Quilter

I have a quilt to share today from Cheryl in Dallas.

Cheryl writes:

“Hi Jo,  This quilt top came from one of your blog readers whose name is unknown to both of us.  I sure hope she/he lets us know the name of this charity quilter.  When I received the project, it wasn’t finished:  most of the blocks were sewn into rows, but, the rows were of different sizes.  Oh, no!  I studied the blocks for a while and realized the squares were not all the same size.  Maybe the quilt maker got discouraged and decided to move this project along to someone who would look at it with fresh eyes.  To remedy the variation in sizes, I took all the blocks apart and recut them to 6” squares.  


I have never made an Around-The-World quilt, so I was very careful not to get the squares mixed up.  I resewed the squares, cut out the borders with the excess fabric the Unknown Quilter provided, and viola! a fabulous Around-The-World.  Would it be cheating if I took credit for making this new-to-me pattern?  Yeah, guess so.  But I do appreciate the inspiration.  This is another “simple” design that looks marvelous.


I quilted this one with the digital pattern called Ancient Scrolls.  It was designed by Sarah Ann Myers and digitized by Patricia Ritter.  It’s available at

Jo, do you love to get to the law row of quilting as much as I do?  That means… I can soon get started on a new quilt.  Is this an addiction, or what?!


I love the finished quilt!  Unknown Quilter picked out such a lovely color palette.  The finished size is 81” x 90”, which should fit a twin bed.  Can’t you just see this used as a bedspread?

The swirls are a nice contrast to the fabric squares.

Hello pumpkin backing fabric.  This yardage of brown and orange pumpkins was given to me by a local quilter.  It was just the right color to match this fall-themed top.  Thank you, Unknown Fabric Donor.


This quilt will go to a student at Dallas Theological Seminary.  Although it is 100+ degrees in Dallas right now, the fall semester is coming up soon and the colder weather is bound to happen.  

I enjoyed getting to work on an Around-The-World, and it went together quickly because the squares were nice and large.  Thanks to Unknown Quilter for sharing this project with a future Dallas student.

P.S. Health-wise, I am doing pretty good.  I’ve been on the current chemo pill regime for 17 weeks and seem to be getting better with each week.  Since my bone marrow is affected by the cancer, my red blood cell, white blood cell, and hemoglobin values are low, thus I am tired a lot.  But, I’m retired, so I can rest whenever I want!  I have been encouraged by so many well wishes from friends and also from friends-of-friends whom I don’t even know.  It’s a humbling experience, and I’m sure you can relate.

WOW…what a pretty quilt.  This is another of those quilts that aren’t complicated but good fabric selection and an amazing longarmer, really take the quilt and put it a cut above.  So pretty.  Thanks, Cheryl and to the donor.  If it’s you, please put your name in the comment section we’d all love to thank you.

As amazing as this quilt was, the best news is Cheryl’s continued improvement on the health front.  We’re all cheering you on Cheryl!!


18 thoughts on “Community Quilt from: Cheryl in Dallas and an Unknown Quilter”

  1. Cheryl, so glad you’re holding your own. Rest is good…better when you can whenever you want. I’m keeping you in my thoughts and prayers. BTW you did a great job on saving the quilt top and your quilting design is perfect for an around the world quilt.

  2. Marsha from Kansas

    The quilt is beautiful. The first two quilt tops I actually finished for my son and daughter were both trip around the world using the Blanche Young book. That’s how long I have liked this pattern design. Your quilting really is the icing on the cake. Glad you are getting through your chemo regime. My Mom learned naps were a good thing. She never believed in napping before her chemo treatments. But they recharge your batteries. I’ll keep you in my prayers.

  3. Thank you Cheryl for all you did to rescue this beautiful flimsie in the making. Your quilting is beautiful. Rest lots and get better soon.

  4. The quilt turned out so lovely I’m sure the donor will be happy in the finished project. Blessings to you Cheryl for your health journey.

  5. Cheryl, what a lovely quilt collaboration! Thanks to Jo for making the connection, Anonymous for fabric and design selection and making the prototype and Cheryl for re-engineering, adding the quilting flourish and passing it on. It takes a village. Continued strength to you Cheryl.

  6. This quilt is gorgeous, thank you for doing a great job at fixing and finishing. Glad you are doing well. Take care.

  7. The quilt turned out beautiful and you certainly put a lot of work into it! The colors are very nice, and our thanks to the original quilt maker! Prayers are going your way for a continued recovery!

  8. Michael Kephart

    I love the quilt and the wonderful longarming. I feel for the unknown quilter who must have been so frustrated at not being able to finish this quilt. She did a good thing by sending it along with the border Fabrics.
    May your chemo continue to restore you to health. Napping is a great restorative. Nap on!

  9. Such a gorgeous quilt! I also get excited when I get to the binding of a project, because it means I get to start all over again with something new.

  10. Beautiful — the total creation –so pretty -and wouldn’t I love to have one just like it!!
    Loved the quilting design —
    Prayers that your health improves day by day — those naps are good –and healing. I’ve had quite a few of those in the past month myself!!!
    Thanks for your artistry in that creation!

  11. OH, don’t we all know the frustration of cutting mistakes. How nice of the unknown top maker to pass it along to someone with the knack of reconstructing and finishing the first efforts. I’ve done this for LWR quilts, but none have been as pretty as this Trip Around the World! The quilting is the perfect choice, too.

    Rest when you need to, Cheryl. It heals body and soul.

  12. Margaret in North Texas

    So beautifully finished Cheryl. The quilting motif you chose is the perfect for this quilt. May your
    recovery continue. Nice of you to keep us in the loop–thank you!

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