Community Quilt From Cheryl

Cheryl has been busy finishing quilts.  Here’s her latest beauty.

Cheryl writes:
Hi Jo, You will love the community quilt I just finished.  It was made by Mary Ann, and you forwarded the top to me for completion.  I won’t even tell you how long ago that was . . .  we’ll just say that the top has aged well while waiting its turn in my quilt closet.

Below is Mary Ann’s top as it arrived at my house.  The top is 64” x 80.”  Love those patriotic colors.

Mary Ann had so many beautiful blocks in this sampler quilt.  Each block is 12” x 12” with sashing in-between.  


Because the blocks are so big, the details are easier to see.  Look at all of those pieces in the star below.  Amazing.


No sampler quilt is complete without a Courthouse Steps block.


To make Mary Ann’s top a bit bigger for a twin-size bed quilt, I added two borders.  The navy border and the striped border are made with fabric that Mary Ann sent along with the top.  


Here you can see the double border surrounding on the first row of blocks.  It’s always exciting to start quilting on a new project.

My computerized machine does a neat, fast job of stitching 10 stitches per inch.  That’s just like an Amish quilter would do.  But, in this case, the quilt was finished in less than ten years, which is how long it would take me to hand quilt this one!

The quilt pattern is called “Bauhaus,” designed by Patricia Ritter.  It is available at Urban Elementz.

The finished quilt is displayed …

on my Dallas fence on a cloudy, overcast day.  With the new borders, the top is now 75” x 90.”  

Look at the details in each block.  Impressive!

I’m a sentimental quilter, I guess, because I am drawn to the two houses in this quilt.  I’ve never met a house block I didn’t like.  It’s probably one of my favorite blocks.


What’s better than a house block?  An American flag is surely in the running.


The whole package:  top, backing, and binding contributed by ladies who don’t even know each other.


Mary Ann included the pale gray binding along with her top.  That pale gray fabric appears in some of the quilt blocks, too.


The backing came from my stash.  This fabric was donated to me (all 8 yards of it!) several years ago by a local quilter.  So, if any of your readers have ever donated fabric for charity quilts, please know that those fabrics have a starring role in a quilt somewhere.

This quilt is going to a Christian Women’s Connection group in Florida to be used in their fall charity auction.  My sister-in-law heads up the group, and she very humbly asks me to make a quilt each year.  Last year, the group president announced that there would be a beautiful quilt in the upcoming auction . . .  and that was before I was even contacted about making a quilt.  I guess I am part of the routine now.  Haha!  The auction contains many lovely items donated by local merchants (leather purses, spa day, flower arrangements, etc.) but the quilt is always the most coveted item.  I am so glad to contribute Mary Ann’s quilt to this good cause.  Thanks to all who contributed to this quilt.  Cheryl in Dallas”

WOW…This really turned out great!!  I really like all things patriotic.  Mary Ann and Cheryl really did create a quilt that will be coveted on the auction day!!  Thanks, ladies.





13 thoughts on “Community Quilt From Cheryl”

  1. That quilt is sure to be a big hit on auction day. I see some blocks that need to be on my “need to try” list!

  2. What a gorgeous quilt! I love Cheryl’s style of writing about the quilt, telling and showing so much about it. I’m sure there will be much interest in this quilt at the auction.

  3. What a great finish to a lovely top! Love the generosity these gals have, and it will surely be a wonderful addition to the auction!

  4. Such a lovely top donated by Mary Ann—pretty colors combined in great sampler blocks. Beautiful work! Cheryl, you are a wonder!

  5. Love the patriotic colors–and the whole quilt is lovely—the added border pieces certainly completed it—to MY eyes-sets it all off perfectly!! If only I were so talented.!!

  6. Margaret in North Texas

    Sampler quilts and especially patriotic ones are so captivating. Thanks Mary Ann for a beautiful quilt top and to Cheryl for a gorgeous finish with a donated backing from her stash. Let the bidding begin!!

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