Community Quilt from Cheryl

Cheryl has been on a roll lately completing lots of tops.  She has a few more that will be shown in June too.  This one she really works some magic on so I added in a special edition this week with an extra community quilt.

Last summer I received this quilt top from Joann in California.  Joann has shared several tops with me, and I’ve distributed them to several quilters for finishing.  This one went to Cheryl in Dallas.

This corner of the top shows that Joann used one unit in this top.  Four of the units make a nice block that is surrounded by sashing and cornerstones.  There is such a wide variety of greenery and floral prints on the top.  I like how Joann used a single unit in the corner and two-unit blocks along the edge.  With this design, the top looks nicely finished.

Joann’s top is 67” x 80,” which is not quite big enough for a bed-size quilt.  Luke’s Closet, the charity that Cheryl supports, needs bed-size quilts.  What to do with a top that won’t quite stretch for an adult size bed?  Why, add a border, of course.  Cheryl in Dallas said she didn’t have any floral prints in her stash that would coordinate with the top, so she auditioned several colors taken from the center itself.  This color combination will do.


Cheryl removed the dark gray outer border that Joann included, cut it in half lengthwise, and reattached it as the new outer border on the enlarged top.


Zoidberg Feathers is the digital pattern used for this top.  It was designed by Barbara Becker at  The majority of students at the seminary are male; this pattern and the colors of the top will do nicely for a guy.



I really like traditional quilting patterns.


Well, members of the jury, what do you think of the top that was created by two quilters in California and Dallas? The new measurements are 82” x 96 1/2,” more than generous enough for a twin bed.

One block of the four units looks wonderful with that dense quilting.

The binding is the same fabric used in the half square triangles in the new border.

Cheryl used a pale gray fabric with a white geometric print for the backing.  More neutrals that could appeal to a guy.

One last look at the latest contribution to Luke’s Closet.

Students at Dallas Theological Seminary can get basic household goods for their student apartments from Luke’s Closet.  This one is sure to become a treasure for a guy (or gal) and very much appreciated.  I certainly would love to own it.

What a great job to both Joann and Cheryl for creating such a fine quilt!

15 thoughts on “Community Quilt from Cheryl”

  1. Wow ,*turned out wonderful love the pieced added border. She did her magic
    Coming up with the design to add to the 4 sides to make it bigger . A lovely quilt
    Very well done

  2. Joann’s gifted quilt top was already beautiful but Cheryl’s clever borders added an extra zing. A great finish which someone will be delighted to receive.

  3. Judith Fairchild

    Guy or gal is right.iy’s a great use of quiet colors. Cheryl’s addition brings out the greens in the orginal quilt. Iwould like it for myself. )

  4. Turned a very pretty quilt into a gorgeous one! Great post to encourage me to look at a quilt top differently. Thanks!

  5. Margaret in North Texas

    This quilt I would put in the “masterpiece ” category . This one won’t be in Luke’s Closet very long. Beautiful creation, Joann and Cheryl and thanks to Jo for a nice write up!

  6. WOW! That was a beauty to begin with but the magic Cheryl worked to make it larger is incredible! I never would’ve thought to do that. Great job, you two!

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