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I have a fun story for you today and it comes from Karin….she writes:

Jo, you have THE MOST incredible, generous, thoughtful, and TALENTED blog reader ever!  You may recall, my husband and I “adopted” a 92 years young lady from our local assisted living center back at Christmas time.  One of the gifts we were able to bestow on her was a purple flimsy I had received from the Cresco Ladies and was able to finish into a lap quilt. Apparently, that resonated with your reader, Annie M, from Washington State. She has donated directly to me previously, and it’s been quite the honor and pleasure working on her expertly pieced tops.  In her “down” time, she raises/herds/is owned by a bunch of goats!  We used to be owned by a flock of chickens, a half-acre veggie garden, and more than 20 French Lop rabbits, so, I know how time-consuming that all is.

Well, Annie was touched by my mention of Marion, and she asked me if I thought Marion would like a personalized quilt, incorporating her favorite color, purple, and her love of birds.  Ummmm, heck yeah!  I was sure she would. Well, say no more, she said!  We chatted just a bit more via email, and truly, within just a few days (!), I was in possession of an exquisite and beautiful flimsy, generous flannel yardage for backing, and enough binding to go all the way around the resulting quilt!  The top was simply stunning, the piecing was magnificent, and Annie even matched the print when she joined the binding strips! The colors are beautiful together, and the design of the top is intricate and unique, with a really pretty secondary pattern formed by the corner HSTs.  Here is the top all loaded up on the rack, ready to stitch, and my first few stitches in the first block.  

So, here is Annie’s quilt, all finished and ready for gifting, in plenty of time for Valentine’s Day.  (this is publishing later)

I was truly inspired by the fussy cut, focal point birds, and the feathery vines of the purple border print.  In the blocks and sashing, I used a beige thread on top, and in the bobbin, but I changed to purple to put the ribbon candy and hearts in the outer border. 

(Admittedly, I had a few inches of beige thread to frog before I remembered that I had planned to switch colors.) The flannel backing was soft and buttery, and I’m sure will be snuggly and cozy on our cold, drafty winter nights. Yes, we do have more than a few, even as far south as we are, and we’ve been told that Marion loves to zoom her electric scooter around the parking lot and take in the sights.  She also visits her birds in the courtyard, so now she’ll be toasty warm, no matter the weather. 

Here are close ups of Annie’s gorgeous quilt. 

It finished up at 64 inches square and I can’t wait to gift it to Marion. I just know she’s going to be blown away by Annie’s workmanship, talent and generosity. 

I sure was!  Jo, none of this ever would have happened without your initiative, compassion, perseverance and coordination.  I’m so grateful to have found your blog and be a part of your community quilt program.  There are no words to adequately express my appreciation; I could thank you a million times, and it wouldn’t be near enough.

I’d love to say that Annie’s generosity surprises me but it absolutely doesn’t. Annie is a wonder. She is kind generous and a support to so many. I myself have been on the receiving end of many of Annie’s kindnesses. She is truly a great person and I’m blessed to know her…If she sees a place that she can help, she is quickly right there. As my husband once said of a dear church lady friend, “if she doesn’t go to heaven, we’re all going to hell.” He’d say the same of Annie…and that’s the highest compliment I can give.

And Karin…WOW. You really made the quilt shine. What a great job to showcase the design and the fabric. Your quilting knocked it out of the park!

Annie and Karin, you made an awesome team!! I just love seeing it and am honored the blog put you two in touch with each other!

11 thoughts on “Community Quilt from Annie and Karin”

  1. What a lovely story, and such a beautiful quilt. There are some really kind and caring people in this world.

  2. Judith Fairchild

    This is such a great story. It made me smile and decide that I want to aim for that perfection. The birds in the center of the block makes the quilt extra special.
    Thank you Annie and Jo for sharing this bit of loneliness.

  3. I just love these kinds of stories! Quilters seem to be some o the most generous people on this planet! The quilt is lovely and you ladies did a beautiful job with the quilt! Bless you both.
    Love and prayers to you, Jo.

  4. Hi, Annie – we used to correspond regularly and I thought something happened to you when I didn’t hear from you – glad to hear you’re well and productive. Would love to hear from you again.

  5. Annie & Karin = the dynamic duo if ever there was one! This story made my whole week! And I know Marion will be awed & amazed at the STUNNING quilt you two cooked up for her. I know I am! WTG, ladies!

  6. What a beautiful quilt! I, too, like purples and lavenders so I fell in love with this quilt. I’m sure Marion was blown away by the beauty and generosity of Karin and Annie.

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