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Some of you might remember when I went to my thyroid cancer checkup in December that I stopped off some goodies to Julie in Spring Valley, MN.

Julie is a kind soul who has been working really hard to bring some joy into the lives of the community members around her.  She spends lots of time making pillowcases for the nursing home residents.  She makes placemats for the people in the area who receive Meals on Wheels and she makes quilts that are donated.

Here are some of the pillowcases she made with the fabric I brought…

Aren’t they fun??

She’s made a bunch!!

If you sent me fabric during that time, do you…recognize any of it?

Wow, Julie has been busy…and what a great community project!

I am sure residents love having a bit of cheer in their room.  Nothing beats the winter blues like a splash of color!

Here are some of the placemats she has been making for the Meals on Wheels recipients.   I think they are so cute.

Novelty prints work so well for this…

I hope someone who formerly raised chickens gets this one.

This was a great use for fabric that is designed to use to make labels don’t you think??

It’s great that she makes some matching sets so that they can be given to a husband and wife who receive meals.

This was a great idea to use up some leftover quilt blocks.

I am so impressed with how quickly Julie got these done.

Julie went on to say that she has been making community quilts too.  This beauty was going to the transplant house in Rochester.


If you have goodies you would like to share with Julie so she can continue to make things feel free to leave a comment here on the blog and I can get the two of you connected.  Julie loves working with larger pieces of fabric so she can make pillowcases-for that the pieces need to be 3/4 of a yard.  She also needs blender fabrics for the pillowcase accent fabric.  She likes to make pillowcases with prints that are elderly-friendly.  Spring Valley is a rural farming community so farm prints or scenic prints are great.  Novelty prints work well.

You can see Julie is a sunshine committee bringing cheer to so many in her local area.  We all need more Julie’s in the world!!  Thanks to the many of you who donated fabric for me to pass on to Julie.


26 thoughts on “Community Goodness from Julie”

  1. I just love the pillowcase and placemat ideas for older people. It’s an unexpected kind of gift that can brighten their day over and over. What a sweet way to share the sunshine in your heart, Julie!!

  2. Do you think Julie would be willing to share how she makes the placemats? I love that idea and would love to do it in my area.
    I know there are lots of videos on placemats, I was just thinking she must have it down to a science to do it faster.

  3. Thanks Jo. Please hook me up with Julie. I’d like to send her some fabric. She’s doing wonderful work for her community.

  4. Judith Fairchild

    What beautiful pillow cases. What a great idea too. I have made a few pillow cases ,but none like Julie’s. Well done Julie

  5. Nikki DeRamus Moshier

    I am going to start a thinning of my stash and would love to send some fabric Julie’s way. My email is nikki_moshier@hotmail dot com

  6. What a GREAT bunch of pillowcases, placemats and quilts she’s made with the donation fabrics she’s received. So awesome!!

  7. Great job! I made a bunch of placemats for our local Meals on Wheels this past Christmas. Used a bunch of FQs I had collected for awhile. Method I used was Quilt As You Go using 2-1/2” strips.

  8. Julie you are doing amazing work! I absolutely adore the placemats for meals on wheels! That is such an important organization and I can picture the smiles when the meal arrives with a colorful placemat. I’m going to start some this weekend! No thanks for spotlighting these people quietly making a difference.

  9. Great work, Julie! You are in luck. My sister’s neighbor is moving and she has donated 3 garbage bags and 2 paper boxes to my sister and now to me!! My “job” today was to contact Jo and figure out where to send this fabric:)

  10. What a generous person and such lovely yet simple ways to bring a smile to someone and brighten there day. I will be pulling some fabrics to send you, email on its way. Hope we can connect

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