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I have quilts from Ray to share with you today.  Ray refers to Arline in this post.  Arline is a wonderful blog reader whose life was changed after hurricane Ian hit in Florida.  Arline ended up giving a lot of quilt tops and fabrics to Ray.

Ray writes:
Arline H has been on my mind a lot lately after the loss of her home and then her giving me so much of her stash. I decided I wanted to finish one of the quilts she has given me in the past.
It is a beautiful quilt with a tremendous amount of color in it.

However, you need to see it up close as all of the blocks are assembled as triangles to form a square. I do not know the pattern but I wonder if it is some type of disappearing pattern.

She is awesome with the piecing. You would have to be to get it to come together and lay as flat as this one does.

I used the daisy motif with white thread for the quilting.
Arline included the backing and the binding. My thanks to you and Arline for all your support on this and many other quilts.

With cooler temps and holiday bazaars around the corner, I have been… pulling out Christmas tops, or at least tops with a lot of red and green in them. I did find this one that is from the famous Cresco ladies with lots of Santas and snowflakes.
It definitely needed to be finished for the bazaar. I used the Christmas light motif with white thread for more fun.

I thought the red plaid backing was a good complement.

Besides the quilting pops on the back. My thanks to you, the Cresco ladies, and the backing contributor for a wonderful holiday quilt.

I have read many-many community quilt posts.  I have seen so many charity quilts…still.  It never gets old seeing the finishing and feeling the love and concern that goes into each quilt.  I continue to be amazed at all the people it takes to make all these quilts and how nicely everything comes together.  Many thanks to everyone who helped put these together.

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  1. Margaret in North Texas

    Two beautiful quilts–love the backings also. Thank you Arline for your colorful quilt and Cresco ladies for a Santa quilt. Ray, as always your quilting motifs adds the finishing touch.

  2. It makes my heart so happy to see the beauty that Ray’s quilting does to the tops that are given to him. Thanks Ray for bringing my top to life.

  3. That’s one very Happy quilt. Hope Arline is recovering from the storm ( We lived in Florida – Jacksonville – Navy /and Sebastian Fl for many yrs). Beautiful job and combined efforts.

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