Community Finish from Cheryl

Yahoo!!  I have a finished quilt from Cheryl in Dallas to share with you today.

This top came to me from an anonymous quilter.  I appreciate so much the folks who make quilt tops and pass them on without getting any recognition.  Maybe they are covert quilters.

This top is 86” x 106” so when I saw how big it is, I sent it off to Cheryl in Dallas for quilting.  The quilt is made with a nice selection of 10” squares:  pale yellow, blue, pink, green, and even a few pops of black.  The quilt was beautifully pressed, and even after all the shipping, it was still neat and crisp.

Time to get started loading the top onto the longarm.


Isn’t this border the cutest?  I just imagine that some lady or girl will love the colors in this quilt.

The quilting pattern is called Whispers and is available at Urban Elementz.  It is a fancy version of the ever-popular feathers and looks very delicate.


“Whispers” is getting quilted out on the pretty pale prints.  This one takes a long time to quilt out, but with a computerized system, it doesn’t require any arm strength — just patience.


This quilt is so attractive — which just goes to show that simple arrangements can be impressive.  It’s the section of colors that make this one stand out.

If you have a layer cake in your stash, you could easily whip up a nice top like this one made by Anonymous Quilter.


Cheryl in Dallas found just the right color of yellow for the binding.  Doesn’t it match the border well?


Those intricate feathers look nice with the simple fabric arrangement.


The backing is made from two sheets.  The white sheet wasn’t big enough, so Cheryl in Dallas cut it in the middle and added a big slice of a pale green sheet to get the length she needed.


This quilt is going to Luke’s Closet, which is a ministry of Dallas Theological Seminary.  This charity provides small household goods and linens to students (and staff) who cannot provide these things for their families.  Many foreign students attend the four-year program, and they arrive with only what they can carry in suitcases.  Since foreign students are on study visas, they cannot work and sometimes can use a bit of help with household items.  Right now, COVID has changed the procedures at the charity, but when the situation is safer, Luke’s Closet will resume distribution to the students who request help.


Someone is going to love having this quilt to brighten up their space.  You know how student housing is!

Thanks to the anonymous quilter who donated the top and to Cheryl in Dallas for finishing it and passing it on.

I’ve said it many times…but I still believe it is true.  Simple charm or layer cake quilts are VERY underrated.  I love them.



8 thoughts on “Community Finish from Cheryl”

  1. I’m finding through reading your posts there are many more creative and generous quilters, and artists of various textiles, shining through life’s challenges than I ever imagined! Thanks Jo, for bringing this light to our lives!!

  2. You’re right – those charm and layer cake quilts are beautiful! This one sure is! Thanks you to both for all your hard work.
    Love and prayers

  3. Judith Fairchild

    I was never fond of plain large blocks of fabric for a quilt. Lately I realized it was how and what colors are used. This quilt done so carefully looks so lovely and the border is a great finish. I am coming my mindvabout block quilts like this one

  4. Margaret in North Texas

    Cheryl provided just the right touches from the quilting pattern and binding and backing to turn this gem into a spectacular quilt. Simply beautiful!!

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