Coming to Grips Sale

My quilting has changed and evolved into something new.  Previously I bought LOTS of patterns and books…even some kits and loved doing that but now, things have changed.  I actually like the changes…but with every change there are a few growing pains.

With our daughter Kelli and I doing some quilt designing and work on our own, most of my sewing time goes into those projects and a VERY-SMALL amount of select projects that are designed by others.  It’s not that I don’t love what others are working on…there just isn’t time.  With that in mind, I have been trying to slash my sewing room.  I went through and listed lots of my books on Amazon’s used book store.  You can see my listings here.

I also went through and decided to get rid of two kits that I have.  The first one is an Open Gate, Monique Dillard pattern with the fabric included and the mini fit to be Geese Ruler.  The finished quilt is 18″ x 18″.  The pattern shows reds and greens but the kit uses reds and tans.  Backing is not included.  $15-postage included.  It was so cute finished.


The next kit is a wool applique kit:  Lily Anna Stitches, Pinwheel Blossom.  It’s 15″ x 26″.  The wool, fabric, backing, binding and buttons are included...It was originally $44.50.  Price $34 including postage.SOLD

I’ve taken boxes of non current books and magazines to Goodwill.  I am just finding it is much easier to creative in a not quite so cluttered space.    If the things don’t sell I am just going to toss the patterns and absorb the fabric..fabric is something I never part with.

If you are interested, send me an email…

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  1. I’ve seen quilt patterns at Goodwill. Also we have a freebie table at guild meetings. Instead of tossing patterns consider sharing with the guilds where you go to speak and teach. This might be the inspiration a newbie quilter would need.

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