Coming Soon Near You..Maybe

Kelli and I are our on the road the next TWO weekends.  This weekend on October 8th we’ll be at Festival of Quilts in Spring Grove, Minnesota.   Kelli and I have long loved Spring Grove.  It’s a very nice small town that looks very welcoming.  We are excited to going and presenting there.

I took photos of their flyer, both sides, so in case you want to come see us and the wonderful display of quilts, you’re welcome to.  Our presentation is at the Spring Grove Fest building at 1:30.



The following weekend we will be in Decorah.  There is a quilt show there at the Decorah Middle School.  We’ll be presenting at 1pm.  I think we’re presenting in the morning too but haven’t been given a time for that.

At each of the shows we’ll have our book and we’ll have something new…the new 2017 American and Patchwork Quilting calendar.


We have a quilt featured in the calendar that we haven’t shown you yet….Keep watching the blog…we’ll show you the quilt and have calendars for sale!!  The cover quilt is not ours…someone else’s.  It’s full of fun quilts with the patterns included.

We hope to see you while we’re out and about.  PLEASE come up and introduce yourself if you’re a blog reader.  We love meeting you!!

3 thoughts on “Coming Soon Near You..Maybe”

  1. Sounds like a fun day out. Unfortunately it’s a little far for me to drive. You both have a wonderful time. Here’s hoping you have a day filled with sunshine and joy. Blessings, Gretchen

  2. Hay Jo
    Sorry I been going to email you and our thoughts are that you have your quilt talk/presentation at 11:00 am and the 1:00 pm and 3:00 pm the show closes at 6 pm on Saturday the 15th of the month. The show opens at 10:00 AM that Saturday. We also have 7 other vendors at the show. A used magazine/book garage sale, and a canister raffle. If you have any questions about our show please feel free to contact me arlene.klatt at gmail dot com

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