Collecting for Goodwill

I spent yesterday in my room collecting clothes from my closet to send to Goodwill.  This isn’t any ordinary cleaning of the closet.  This was an all out try every single item of clothing then I had to make a decision….is the item too big and going to Goodwill OR does it still fit?

I have good news and bad news to report….
Good News:  Goodwill is getting two boxes and six garbage bags full of clothes.  I am donating about three fourths of my clothes all because I lost 25 pounds.
Bad News:  I have very few clothes left….enough…but it’s slim pickens.  I have one pair of dress pants that I bought home yesterday on the way home from church. 

I kept about five sweaters that are actually too big, but they are my favorites….so until I find some new favorites to replace them, I’m just going to be swimming in my sweaters. 

I have a ten day trip to California planned for January….I have very little summery clothes to wear….it sounds like some shopping might be in order.

2 thoughts on “Collecting for Goodwill”

    1. Thanks Crystal…I have yo yoed for years. Hopefully this time around I will be able to keep the weight off. It such a challenge. Low carbs have been great for me!

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