Clover Leaf Buns

We were invited to friends tonight for supper.

The weather is finally decent here and today is great weather to be outside without a coat so our friends said it’s time to get grilling again.  I don’t know what they are making but me..I made angel food cake with strawberries.  (remember, I’m trying to use up all those cake mixes?)  I made rolls too.

Typically when we go to these friends’ house I make dinner rolls.  It’s just my thing.  Today I took a little extra time and made clover rolls instead of plain ones.

Growing up, my mom always made clover ones…I had kind of forgotten about the clover ones until we were at a friends house last week for supper and she served clover ones.

Isn’t it funny how little things like clover shaped rolls can bring back the memory of a long lost lover one??

It does make me wonder what our kids will remember me for….

I’m sure someone will want my bread’s here.

3 thoughts on “Clover Leaf Buns”

  1. I always make cloverleaf rolls because that’s the kind my grandmother made, only I use my sister’s boyfriend’s recipe in my bread machine.

  2. Thanks for the memory. My mom made cloverleaf rolls for special occasions and I had totally forgotten that. She is 83 now and doesn’t bake, or cook, much anymore.

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