Closing the Childcare

Well my…things changed have changed in the last bit.  When I last left you with last night’s post, schools here have closed.  We are closed for four weeks at this point.  So kids are scheduled to go back to school on April 16th.  Who knows if that will stick?!  Right now my attitude is that I’ll believe it when I see it as I’m guessing it might extend beyond that.  What a crazy changing world.

So I set myself in place to hunker down and get ready for childcare with my littles and with the school aged kids too.  They are more than a handful but it’s not a lot different than summer care so I shifted gears.  I started putting my thinking cap on.  I need big kid activities…I need crafts.  A kit similar to this (LINK HERE) that I bought some time back brand new from the thrift store for a $1 came to mind.

Yep, I’d pull that out.

Although it’s not my responsibility to school the kids, I decided I should get some planned reading into this.  Could I figure out how to add some math?  I have kids in several different grades so what do I do?

My plans have been to order a couple new swing sets and new outside toys so I sat down a the computer and was ready to order them…then in the back of my mind I decided maybe I should wait.  Waiting two days wouldn’t make that big of a difference.  Things are changing so fast that I thought it reasonable to wait.

At the same time, I started wondering about me.  I am considered immunocompromised because of my cancer.  I’m at a higher risk because of my age and because I am diabetic.  I thought just to be safe, I was going to drop a note to my doctor in Lacrosse and see what she said about me staying open.  I wrote the note and waited for her answer.

As I was falling asleep that night my mind was racing with what ifs, projects for the kids, and plans for outdoor equipment.

Then kids came yesterday.  I didn’t have a full house which was okay.  We started the day our really fun!!  A new baby started care.

She was the star of the show.  She seriously got a lot of attention in the morning.  Everyone wanted to do everything for her.  I did a lot of reminding about hand sanitizer and the like.

The I got out the perler beads set.  Oh my word.  It was the best $1 I have ever seriously ever spent.  I had four kids here really old enough to play and they player and played and played.  Later after watching the four year old got into it to.  They did did for at least four hours.  I couldn’t believe it.

I will definitely be buying another set of these from Amazon and will watch for all garage sales and thrift stores for these.  I haven’t seen the kids so interested EVER.

As the day unfolded, I listened for my computer to ding and at one point it did.  I went to the computer and read a message from my doctor….Here’s what it said:

“To keep you and the children safe it is probably best to close.”

So bigger, new changes are coming my way.  After consulting my own kids I decided to stay open through Thursday….After that, I will be off through April 16th.  Our thoughts are that is that it’s not close here yet and that would give parents a few days to scramble and find alternate care and give me a few more days of income.  As of this morning, most have care for their children secured.

I’ve always wished for time off so I could get caught up.  I never wished for it quite like this.  At naptime yesterday I started a list of things I want to do while self quarenting.  You know that pile of flimsy quilt tops I have.  I plan to conqueror that.  I have lots more other things I want done too.  I’m not going to waste this time.  I do have some cross stitch and quilt making that I plan to do but there’s lots of cleaning and organizing on the list too.  Every single day, something is going to come off my “To Do” list.  I’m trying really hard to look at this all as a gift of time and not a jail sentence with no pay.

Watch the blog…It’s going to be busy with lots of project and things being tackled.  I’ll be doing a boatload of spring cleaning.  If you want to join me I’ll post a link of what I’m going to be tackling next and we can all tackle it together.  Any job is easier when someone is cheering us on….let’s do it together.  We’ll start it all next Monday with something easy…how about that laundry room or laundry area.  Let’s get that all cleaned out and spiffy.

I hope you are taking any time you might get as a gift as well….I’m hoping I can make the best of this!

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  1. I’m self isolating as I am immune compromised as well I’m not going anywhere where there are loads of people or where people have been in our local hospital as we have it there(6 miles away )
    It’s a case of look after yourself and be a bit selfish because the other option isn’t nice . Sending virtual hugs xx

  2. The virus is not in my area yet so I’m going to keep working for part of this week at least. I’m self-employed and it’s pretty quiet with everybody hunkering down at home so I’m getting an amazing amount of work done in my office which is not in my home. Scheduled spring break is this week with school out until the end of the month. As I thought I’d take time off next week, I will be joining you and seeing what you’re doing each day because I was thinking about doing a list too. And like you I live alone and will appreciate the motivation.

  3. I live in Kentucky and all daycares in my city just closed except for children of health care workers needed in hospitals, etc. and the Kentucky Derby in May since 1945 will now hopefully be in September. All restaurants closed yesterday except for drive through or food pick up or delivery..ALL. This is in an effort to slow down/stop the virus spread before it escalates greatly. Churches closed too and the libraries but we can still download books if we have Ipads, etc. It’s getting scary. Schools closed till April 6th but I’m thinking the year may be over. Lots of store runs trying to find bottled water and the ever needed hundreds of rolls of toilet paper. That part getting ridiculous. I sit home and stitch on my quilts and hope these cautions help greatly before things get really bad health wise. Taking caution so NOT to get great numbers ill.

  4. Leave it to you to make lemonade from lemons. Blessings to you, Jo, during these crazy and uncertain times.

  5. My son who is a doctor won’t let me see my grandsons. I have 2 t-shirt quilts to make for seniors that won’t have usual activities.

  6. These are scary times with so many uncertainties. Like you, I’m making lemonade out of lemons. Quality time will be spent at home cleaning, organizing and sewing. I can’t wait to start with you next week!

  7. We created a spring cleaning list in order to slow down the tv sitting. Everything here is cancelled and closed. We made a huge dent in the cleaning over the weekend, so now we have some paint for various rooms and chairs to cover until the weather gets so we can be outside. In the afternoons, I’m sewing and I have lots of reading to do with access to the library. We do a short walk twice a day to stay in the fresh air and we haven’t gotten out the games yet, but we will get to that. The news is scarey, but have FaceTime to keep in touch with friends and we are sharing our sewing successes and progress. We are checking in with neighbors to see if they have what they need. We are braced, ready and hopeful. Glad you closed your daycare because of the state of your health.

  8. I know it was a hard decision, but a good one for you. And now with the confirmed diagnosis of 3 people in Postville – that is kind of close to you! I think your plan for spring cleaning sound great and we are also doing this at our house, we cleaned inventoried the side by side refrigerator yesterday. Today we will clean the the freezer in the basement….Plenty to eat! We will be able to eat for several weeks. I’m not a hoarder, but I do like to be prepared lol. Please be safe, take care of yourself and don’t forget to rest!!

  9. Jo, can you update us on your treatment/last doctor visit or did I just miss it in one of your last posts?
    when it comes to a virus this size we cannot take care of everyone”s needs…you have to think/take care of yourself first..we’ll all be in the same boat…lets hope there are enough life preservers!

  10. As RVers, we can pretty much self quarantine ourselves at any time. The only problem is groceries which we have no room to store. Amazingly enough, we’re good on TP. ;-) So, we’re being as careful as possible.
    Many of the places we had intended to visit are closed for now – we’re grateful campgrounds have stayed open though state parks and state campgrounds are beginning to close.
    Keeping everyone in prayer.
    Love and prayers

  11. I can’t wait to see your daily blogs! You deserve a break after the year you’ve had! And being safe is a good thing. Catching up. I am spending the day getting new glasses which are necessary. I suppose I should take wipes with me. Carol

  12. Lemonade it is!!!! I’ll be following and working alongside you. I don’t have clutter but our home could use a deep clean-something I do NOT enjoy!

    Take good care.

  13. Hi Jo,
    I’m in the same boat with being health compromised. Being a country gal also, we are prepared, and I too, am going after my unfinished tops to quilt them. I believe common sense is the best way to go, and the sooner we “flatten the curve” the sooner things will normalize.
    Monday morning I’ll join you in the laundry room spiffy up.
    Wishing everyone safety and continued good health through all these turbulent times!

  14. Perler beads are the best thing ever — and I love how they can work for simple project or huge elaborate 3-d stuff that will keep big kids busy.

    I’ve been wondering about you and the childcare kiddos and hoping for the best. The boys and I are hunkered down at home for the most part. They’re super good at this self isolation thing as long as I keep them in snacks.

  15. LaNan Eldridge

    I’m working on a two year old project. Tomorrow my daughter and baby granddaughter are coming for a little visit so she said she’d help me organize my sewing closet!!

  16. From Another Donna,

    I agree with the others! If you don’t take care of yourself, you won’t be able to care for others later. It’s like the airlines advising us to get our own oxygen masks on first. We cannot help another if we are passed out because of lack of oxygen. That’s so hard to do after being a parent when we always put our children’s lives ahead of our own. I, also have an auto immune disease.

    We went to Costco today and got their huge roll of toilet paper which was not available last week. At Walgreen’s we bought the last bottle of aloe vera on the shelves to make our own hand sanitizer with the bottle of rubbing alcohol we had previously.

    It’s a world changing so quickly. I’m so happy about my fabric stash! Seriously, I can sew many quilts for others and not worry about what to do with my time. I can visit with neighbors through their front doors six feet apart. I have lots of flour so I can bake bread for many weeks. I can talk to my local grandchildren with Face Time if things get too bad. We, too, have lots of food.

    I can read my scriptures and pray whenever I need to for inspiration and peace of mind. It is starting to be spring with its longer hours. All will be well. Life will become sane again!

  17. Judith Fairchild

    Jo, I’ve been wondering about how you were going to handle all this stuff we’re facing. I figured you would have the good common sense you always have shown us on the blog. You followed through. I’m sorry about your loss of income. Still praying all will be well.
    I’ll miss the childcare stories though.

  18. This is definitely the right decision; I was going to be worried about you if you didn’t close. It’s also better for the kids — one kid bringing it in affects all the families and you!

    Stay safe!

  19. Please everybody be aware that “no confirmed cases in your area” doesn’t mean nobody in your area has the virus. There is such a shortage of tests, that only people who have been out of the country, or are quite ill, have been tested. My daughter is an infectious diseases doctor, and she says that it is being passed on by people who have no symptoms. People can be contagious for several days, and spread the virus, before showing any symptoms at all. Doctors in my area are seeing some patients that probably have the virus, but they can’t get test kits, so have to send them home to self-quarantine, and hope that they do stay home. Each county in my state is given only three test kits; when those are used, they can request three more.

  20. Perler beads are THE hot craft item in my craft room when the grandkids come over…especially the grandsons, ages 7, 9 and 11. I keep an iPad in the craft room so they can find all sorts of project images to spark their creativity.

    I’m using my time of self-isolation to do the myriad things I haven’t had time to do otherwise too. I’ve reorganized my walk-in closet (Marie Kondo-style…sort of), inventoried the freezer, worked on a photo album of my mom’s family history, read some books, raked out some flowerbeds, and worked on a few sewing projects. Plus, I’m putting in a little more time writing for my blog too.

    Take care and have fun with your time off. I’ll be watching your blog!

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