Clear Lake Antiques

On Sunday we went to Clear Lake, Iowa and took in an antique show.  Here’s the highlights…at least from my point of view…

I loved this quilt.  It was very poorly constructed-the seams didn’t match at all- but I loved the colors.


I keep thinking someday I’ll applique…but I think I’m wrong.  In the meantime, I enjoy looking at these beauties.


This classic log cabin had velvets in the dark sections and satins in the light.


I am just never brave enough to use a fun color like purple in the back ground….someday though…I will.


Kelli was in the love with this quilt.  Me..I thought it was too busy.


She petted it and petted it asking if I’d draft a pattern for it.  I snapped another picture of it and added it in my mental to do list.


Sometime I like to see antique quilts as inspiration on what to do…sometimes for what not to do.  Kelli and I both thought the black was too much for this quilt….Red or yellow would have been better than the black.


We loved this hexie quilt. We like the added element of putting red around once section.


I loved these chunky fan blades.  This is a someday quilt.


Oh temptation…sweet temptation.  I wanted this child’s sewing machine but didn’t get it.  Cute though, right??


I really liked this dresser.  Hubby and I ever debated it for a bit but then opted not.  Both of us agree that we need to get into the new house before we purchase more furniture.  We just don’t know what we’ll have room for.


Here’s another color I want to use for a sashing or background fabric someday….that 30’s green.


What a simple quilt top…Kelli and I both loved it!!  We’ll be making one of these…


What do you think of the arrow quilt??


This old cutter quilt was so beat up it almost looked and felt like chenille.  When Kelli saw it she quickly steered me away from it.  She hates when I design quilts with square in a square designs.


I loved the chess table.  Yep..I know…no new furniture until we get in the new house.  I know-I know!


But…what it isn’t technically furniture…like this ladder that the quilts are hanging on.  It’s not really furniture..right??


See how many quilts it holds…and technically not furniture…and look how useful it would be.  Not furniture  AND I could hang quilts..PERFECT!!  Right??


Wrong.  It wasn’t for sale.  But he did have one in his trailer.  It wasn’t stained and finished and wasn’t quite as tall.  The dealer ended up going to his truck to get it and I got to take it home with me…It wasn’t furniture after all.

With some sanding, stain and varnish…it will be perfect.

…and that’s the highlights of the antique show in Clear Lake.

8 thoughts on “Clear Lake Antiques”

  1. I’m in the same boat. I keep seeing great stuff I want for the new house but until we get our other junk..I mean furniture..moved in, I don’t know how much room I’ll have for new stuff.

  2. Ohmigosh, I would love to live in a country with such a long and rich history as yours (here in New Zealand we just don’t have, and have never had, the population or the amount of time to build up such a wonderful collection of easy-to-find antiques! The European settlers have only been here for about 200 years and there weren’t many of them to begin with!) Will go wipe the drool off my chin now… ;-)

  3. Thanks Jo for taking us alone on your antique tour. I love to go to them. My daughter and I was planning on going to one here in Dallas today. But we back out going to make the Oct. one. Also want to thank you for getting me back into quilting with your crumby quilts. I just finish a Dallas Cowboy quilt with all or most all of the pro Bowlers from 1960 to 2013 and there Jersy numbers. It turn out great. Mailing it to my son in St. Louis today . I had it quilted by a long armer and she did a great job.

  4. As a fellow Iowan, I’ve never made it to Clear Lake over the Labor Day weekend to see the antiques. I think I definitely need to go next year! I love seeing the old quilts – so many of today’s “modern” quilts use the same designs.

  5. Wow! That was some antique show. Wish we would see things like all those quilts out here on the West Coast. There were some real beauties there. Glad you enjoyed your day.

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