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Bare with me friends…I’m cleaning out my email.  I have a couple of days off and one of my goals is to get control of my email.  It’s bad.  In doing that, I am finding old questions and comments so I’m answering them here.  That way I am killing two birds with one stone.  I’m cleaning out my email AND I’m getting a blog post written.  Too often I don’t clean out my email as I tell myself I can’t and I need to write blog posts…so here goes.

From Eileen:
Just saw your very clever light bar over the long arm.  I need something like that as well.  My question is it free-standing or did you manage to attach it to the table.”

It is attached to the table.  These are some old pictures of my sewing room before I redid it.  You can see the lights over my long arm.

Here is a picture of where/how Kramer attached the lights.  I love these lights.  They work perfectly with this.

You can read more about the lights, see more pictures and learn how he did it by reading THIS BLOG POST.

Carol Andrews at the email address of wrote asking:

If ever you get Canadians asking for donation sites, I’d love to volunteer to accept any donated tops or orphan blocks.   My Guild is small but we do try to do as much as we can, helping to make donation quilts for charities.  We do Quilts for Canadian Heroes, Victoria’s Quilts Canada, and as many local groups as we can.”

If anyone from Canada is wanting to reduce your stash please feel free to contact Carol.  I have added her to the list of people looking for donations.  You can find that list HERE.

There was interest after I post a picture of the Seven Shirt Quilt.   The premise was to collect seven shirts and you could make this quilt with them.   It got me taking the making of shirts into quilts more seriously although I never made the quilt.

I had posted about it not realizing the pattern was lost to the internet and was no longer available.  I had a couple of people write to me with a pdf printable for the pattern.  HERE it is.

Theresa shared a fun way to use up orphan blocks…

Christi is continuing her charitable endeavors.  You might remember Christi as the gal that made the great novelty print quilt for my childcare kiddos.  Check out this stack of quilts she made for foster kids.  If you have kid-appropriate fabric and would like to send some Christi’s way, let me know and I’ll set you up with her contact info.

Peggy shared a recipe you found on Youtube for The Best Potluck Dessert.  Has anyone tried this??  I want to and hope to once I’m not so busy manning the garden and the produce from it!  Thanks for sharing Peggy!

If anyone tries it, shoot me an email and let me know if it’s good.

Liz wrote:
Hope you’re doing well these days!  I enjoy so much reading your blog each day.

Sometime back, you sent me a big package of fabric to be used for some sort of charity quilt.  The fabric had been sent to you from someone in Texas, I believe in San Antonio. It was Texas-themed fabric.  I offered to make something out of it for charity use.

Well, life got in the way, as you well know! I lost a dear brother, Tom, to lung cancer, then on the heels of that, had a fall and ended up having shoulder surgery and a long recovery!  So, I really don’t know how far back all this goes!

Anyway, I’m sending pictures of the 2 quilt tops I’ve made mostly from the fabric you sent.  There was so much of it, I had originally figured I’d make 2 very generous throws, since those are desired by my quilt guild charity quilts. 

But then, the guild also got into making quilts for Quilts of Valor, and I decided to add to the quilts and make them Quilts of Valor.  I’m sending pictures of them.  They’ll be handed off to the guild this week at our meeting, then someone else will take on the quilting.

I think I just messed up the pics, so there may be another email to go with this.  Anyway, hope they get through ok!

Sadly..I didn’t get another email.  Hmm.  That’s okay.  We are appreciating the one we see.  It looks great!! I’m sure someone is snuggling up in it now!

That’s where I am with answering email questions so far.  I’m guessing that by the time I get to the bottom of my email there be another blog post or two about questions or quilts that were hiding in the depths.  When I say I need a secretary, it’s really no joke!!


8 thoughts on “Cleaning Out My Email”

  1. Judith Fairchild

    It’s a wonder you find time to even sit down and catch up on e-mails. I live to far away to offer my secretarial skills. Hope someone close will offer. I think I have had chess cake. The video said nothing about flavoring the filling. Otherwise it’similar to a dessert one of my aunts made. Very yummy

  2. I watched the video and couldn’t find the list of ingredients that the woman said was below the video. I heard her say 1 ounce pkg of cream cheese but it looked like she added a lot more. I’ve never seen a one ounce- usually 3 or 8 ounces here.

  3. Hi Jo
    Thank you very much for adding my group to your list of volunteers to accept donations. As of a couple of weeks ago, all of our focus is on making Quilts for the residents of the town of Lytton, British Columbia. Their town burnt almost completely with the residents only getting 15 minutes notice to evacuate. Then another fire broke out just a couple of miles from my home and I was put on Evacuation Alert. The incredible crew working our fire have managed to contain things enough that my alert was cancelled so now I can go back to creating quilts for the people who have lost everything due to the wildfires here this year. Thank you for the job you do, writing your posts and keeping the donations and charity quilting moving along. Take care of yourself and enjoy all of your wonderful grands.

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