Cleaning…Not Sewing…UGH!

One would not know by looking at my dining room table that 10 people will be having Thanksgiving dinner here in just over 24 hours.


The cooking for me….no problem…the cleaning for me….UGH!

I have a sewing room so my dining room table probably shouldn’t look like this but it does.  Over the summer my daughter, Kelli, came home for sewing days and I found I liked sewing at the table.  It’s in the middle of the hub-bub of the house and I found I was missing out on a lot of that by being in the sewing room.  I can see the computer and be a part of what’s going on when I’m in the living room if I am sewing here.  I liked that a lot, so I asked everyone in the family if they minded if I sewed in the dining room.  No one did, so I’ve been camped out here.  It usually not quite this messy…I gave up keeping it tidy a week or so ago as I knew I’d have to completely clean it up for Thanksgiving.

There are SEVEN projects out on the table.    The bad news is that my sewing room doesn’t have a door so I can’t just throw all this in a laundry basket and shut the door.  (I would never to that!  “cough”) I actually have to clean it.  Take a guess at what I am doing today..Cleaning..Not sewing…UGH!

6 thoughts on “Cleaning…Not Sewing…UGH!”

  1. I guess that’s one good part about having 3 little kids around – I have to put everything away each night to keep it out of little hands. Hopefully you can put on some lively music and find a way to enjoy the day anyway!

  2. Happy Thanksgiving Jo! Cleaning…yuck is right! Sometimes I’ll work at my table as well. I like all the natural light. It always looks crazy when I do that to. Enjoy!

  3. I sew on my kitchen table also. That is what my table looks like all the time, LOL!! Good luck cleaning it up for dinner tomorrow. Have a good Thanksgiving.

  4. Maybe you could hide it all in the laundry room. I also find the closet in the master bedroom to be a handy spot for the basket o’ stuff with no time to put it away — not that I would EVER do that.

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