Civil War Tribute Block of the Month

A post from Kelli–

This month it was my turn to do part of the Civil War Tribute Block of the Month.  I’ve had the Month 11 block that I worked on for quite some time.  I worked on it one month and got some of it cut out, but didn’t label anything and kind of threw it in with some other stuff.  So you can guess how well that worked out when I finally decided to work on it.

This past week has been super busy.  I’ve worked 56 hours, both shifts, both jobs in 5 days.  I know its a little surprise, but I’ve definitely put the block off this month.  And it didn’t help that I jsut got off a run of overnights so my sleeping schedule is all sorts of screwy.  None-the-less though, I pulled everything out and got to work.

When I say pulled everything out, I really had to pull out EVERYTHING!  After the quilt retreat in August, I just took everything in the house and left it.  I have had no energy and have felt super crappy, so I haven’t had any motivation to sew at all.  After I got everything set up, I started to get a little excited about letting out my creative side.

It took me a little bit, but I did eventually get stuff sorted out as far as what I had cut out and what needed to be cut out yet.  I figured out that I ended up quitting because I must have had a cutting error somewhere because I didn’t have enough to finish the step I was on.  I ended up running upstairs to see if I had something to substitute.  As it turns out, I had the exact same fabric!  Win!!!

One thing that has been a little frustrating is that some of the fabrics that they sent only have enough to cut out exactly what you need.  Others have twice as much fabric that is needed.  Since mom and I are both making the quilt, we have double the fabric that was sent and there are times that I only end up using one half of the fabric.

The red was what I pulled from my stash and the neutral was what I had left for a different step of cutting.  I sure don’t mind the extras though!  That’s for sure!

Here’s the block that I was in charge of making….and here’s my block–

Yup–didn’t get it finished.  Once it is finished, this one will measure 36″ square.  I ended up finishing this one at 11:30 last night and I was just spent.  I was kind of beating myself up for it, but then I decided that the more important thing was that I got my sewing stuff set up again and have it all ready to go to finish my block.

This whole pregnancy things has just been hard for me.  Don’t get me wrong, I wouldn’t give it back for a second and am so glad that things have worked out so wonderfully for me, but it’s hard.  For weeks 6-10, I was super nauseous, 8-14 weeks I puked pretty regularly with a few every day stretches in there, but mostly every other day or so.  For the last 2 weeks, I’ve been back to the extreme nausea.  I literally feel like I could puke at about any minute.  And my appetite?  It’s completely gone!  For the first time in my life, I have to force myself to eat.  And the things that I am able to eat are strange….like apples and lettuce.  Soup has been going okay too.  Last time I got on the scale I think I’ve lost 17 pounds.  My doctor is aware and knows and we are watching things.  I have been able to eat more lately and so things seem to be more on the upswing of things, so I’m hoping that things continue to work in that forward manner.  And I have absolutely no energy.  If I’m not at work, I can be found on my couch or in bed sleeping or watching trashy TV with Puppycat.

So I’m going to try a bit of a new approach and try to make myself get back to things that I have generally like to do.  I’m going to try to pick atleast one thing each day (within reason) and make myself do it in hopes that I’ll start to feel better.  And even if I don’t, atleast I’ll get something done–atleast more than the ntohing that I’m currently getting done!

So stay tuned!  I am on the end of a many day stretch and have next Tuesday off with no other committments, so my goal is to get this block finished to show you next week.  While I won’t make any promises, I’m going to try my hardest.

What have you been working on this month?

14 thoughts on “Civil War Tribute Block of the Month”

  1. I can commiserate with extreme pregnancy naseua. Except for my first pregnancy, I always lost 20 lbs in the first trimester due to 3x a day puking. Then the dr would threaten to hospitalize me, then months later complain about weight gain!

    I found if I ate dry crackers before I even sat up in the morning, it helped to ease the queasiness.

    Best of luck and good health! I am excited for you and for Gramma Jo!

    1. I just cleaned out a closet and found 11 of 12 Civil War Tribute blocks of the month kits -missing block 6. Where would I find a buyer do you think?

  2. It was so good to hear the news that you are pregnant. However, so sorry to hear that you are one of those people who suffer terribly with sickness. You seem to have such a hectic work life you deserve to have some time to yourself every now and again to recharge your batteries. Fingers crossed I that all goes well and the nausea finally does stop.

  3. Kelli, love the fabric and pattern! Getting your sewing area set up will be so good for you to grab moments you can do a little sewing. I hope the sickness leaves you soon. Eating a little something before getting up slowly helped for me, too. I enjoy reading about you and your Mom’s quilting adventures. Thank you for sharing!

  4. Carol Lorraine Stearns

    It has been many many years since I’ve been pregnant but I think you always remember the morning sickness. I used to take a tiny pill for it, wonder if they still do that. I never had trouble with eating. Gained lots during both pregnancies and lost little after the birth. Good for you to work on the block. I know you will be happy for that thing to be finished!

  5. Oh Kelli, sorry to hear that morning sickness (or all day sickness) has taken over your life. Hope things turn around soon for you so you can enjoy this pregnancy rather than suffer. Good luck. The block looks great by the way!

  6. Your block is gorgeous! Yeah, there’s a bit to go but you’ll get there. Enjoy your sewing time now—it’s hard to come by with a baby, which is as it should be!

  7. I admire that you and your Mom are doing that block of the month. I couldn’t get motivated to it and ended up giving mine away. Be careful with the extra fabric you may need it in another block. I was so frustrated because of the too much fabric this month and wasn’t told to save it for another month then come up short in the other month.

    Hopefully the pregnancy is over the sick part.

  8. After working a 56-hour-week, I wouldn’t get anything done but a nap! Don’t be so hard on yourself! I was nauseous for months during both of my pregnancies. I ate a lot of fruit and chicken. Couldn’t cook hamburger but could eat tacos. :) Both of my babies were healthy and still are, so don’t worry about that. Take care!

  9. Bobbie Campbell

    Oh gee- so sorry for the “sicky’s”, but so happy for your pregnancy. Like the other commenters- I also had one pregnancy that I was sick the whole time. I thought I’d never make it, but God always takes care of us. As long as the doc keeps tabs I’d say “you go girl”.
    Isn’t it amazing what we can put ourselves thru for work though? 56 hours in 5 days- this has to take a toll even if you are “getting thru it”. Be kind to your self , do what calms you. My applause to you.

  10. Sorry to hear that you have ‘morning’ sickness; it will hopefully end soon.

    My BOM was on hiatus over the summer. I just totally lost interest in quilting (though I was still doing needlework and knitting a bit) for a couple of months. I did finish up block #18 of 20 and have #19 cut out and partially assembled. I hope to finish that block over the upcoming weekend.

    My blocks are also multiple sizes (“Solstice” by Pat Sloan) and I sort of both dread and enjoy the bigger ones.

  11. Of course you’re exhausted! You’re growing a whole human inside you. My husband had to take me out to dinner every night through the first five months of my pregnancy or I’d just walk in the door from work and go straight to bed.

    I can also relate to strange foods appealing to you. I ate carrots and peanut butter. Everything else I ate was white – potatoes, rice, chicken breasts, chicken pot pie was my very favorite. It was all very strange.

  12. Hi there!

    I have been giving most of the block of the month for the Civil War Tribute but am missing the directions to a couple of blocks. One is Block 11. I am happy to pay for the instructions and have the material from the lady’s family that donated it to our Quilting group.
    Would really appreciate your help so that I coan finish this BIG project!

    1. Hi Denise. I gave my pattern to a blog reader after I finished it. You might check with Olivia of Pumpkin Hollow Quilting on Youtube. She has been working on the quilt.

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