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Today is Kelli’s birthday…next week it’s Kayla’s.  This is birthday season for our family as Buck’s birthday is the following week.

It’s been such a joy to watch my kids become parents.  I know you who have grandchildren can attest to that.  Some of my kids surprise me.  Ones who I thought might be softies, aren’t.  Ones I thought you might be hands off are definitely hands on.  With it all, I very pleased with the parents they’ve become.  They are far from those dreaded teen years, but so far, so good.

You might remember not long ago, Kayla and Spencer had Jasper.

She had a rough go of things and recovery has been a bit of a struggle but slowly she’s getting there.  Spencer took two weeks off of work and it’s good he did.  Kayla’s been back to the doctor a couple times but finally is on the mend.  Doesn’t she look better at home?

Work and the weather here hasn’t really allowed me to get down there safely to see them all again.  Kayla has been great at sending me pictures.

I love it.

While we were at the hospital Kayla loving looked down at Jasper and said, “Look Mom, I made him”.  Yep…you did Kayla (with a lot of help from God and Spencer)

The other day Buck called and said something about how neat it is that immediately when kids are born, parents feel connected to them.  That you love them immediately.

Yep…also true.

The thing that my kids don’t get at all yet is this….
I still feel the exact same way about all of them.  The day Kelli was born I looked at her in amazement thinking, “Wow…I made this.”

I looked at Kayla and thought “How can I love you so much, I really don’t know you?”

I looked at Buck and thought “oh my word…a boy to love.  What a blessing you are.”

I looked at Karl and thought, “my little baby- here is the most wonderful baby in the world”.

I looked at Kalissa and thought, “the girl I hoped for…You’re gonna be my buddy for precious you are.”

No matter how many kids you have the miracle of birth and baby is always fresh and wonderful.

The thing the kids don’t know…and probably won’t know for years and years to come (likely when their children have children) is this.  I still feel the exact same way about them.  I still get those magical twinkles…I still wonder, “how can I love you so much”….I still look at them and think “what a blessing you are”.  It doesn’t matter if they are a fresh newborn or 27 years old.  I think a mom can always look at their children and wonder at the miracle and blessing they are.

I’m sure my mom did the same thing as she saw me at the birth of our kiddos.  I’m sure she did it my entire life.

People always look at birth and death as the circle of life….there are so many other milestones in between like the realizations I see with the birth of a new grandbaby confident that my mom, did the very same thing and my kids will too.

14 thoughts on “Circle of Life”

  1. So true, isn’t it?
    Every time I see my kids I think, wow! I’m so very happy I know you and love you so much!
    Congrats again on the new grand baby.
    Love and prayers

  2. Happy Birthday to Kelli ! Y es it’s true and I’m not sure we ever appreciate how much our parents loved us until we have children of our own and feel that magic.
    Happy birthday to Kayla and Buck too!

  3. Happy Birthday Season to your family. You are SPOT ON describing the deep love and connection a parent has with a child. So enjoy your blog…keep writing and creating!

  4. Having gained my first and second grand babies in the last 7 months…this is so true. Two of my sons live more then 2,000 miles away. It is wonderful to see them as fathers and husbands. The feeling of having them so far away is sometimes soul crushing. But seeing them so happy and in love is worth it, almost.

  5. Judith Fairchild

    I only have one child she’s 39 with 3 children I look at them and Than God for the miracles they are. How much I love them it’s such a tangle of love hope and prayer when I look at them. The fun is watching her deal with the Grands as they pull some of the things she pulled. She’s so much like my mom. Love the circle of life.
    Do glad Kalissa is doing better.

  6. Mary Ann Mettler

    All your grandchildren are so precious. I relate to the miracle of birth and the connection one feels. Those grandchildren are kind of sureal and special. I too love to see how my children parent and feel they do a wonderful job. Happy Birthday to the ones who have birthdays now and throughout the year. Each one is very unique and special. We have birthdays in our family throughout the year – in every month except October.

  7. Happy Birthday to Kelli, Kayla and Buck! I felt that way when I saw my first Grandchild, Lukas, who turned 15 yesterday!!! I was real worried when his sister came along 4 years later that I couldn’t love others as much as I did him! Needless worry, as I have 6 total now and love them all more than I could ever put into words. There is however, something a little special about all the firsts I have been through with Lukas!

  8. I’m so glad that Kayla is doing better and that Spencer could be home for a few weeks to lend a helping hand. Babies are really a promise that life will go on long after we are gone, blessing each and every one.

  9. Could not agree with you more, Jo! You write so beautifully, right from your heart! Thank you for your blog! Highlight!
    Congratulations to all the families, babies, older grands,too.
    From Nebr., Colo., & TX, Gloria

  10. Congrats on your little grandson, grandchildren are the reward of growing old. Yes, I think the oldest grandchild is always a little bit more special. But I love my four very much. Happy birthday to those having birthdays.

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