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I finished my block of the month yesterday.  I have never been more happy to finish a quilt…..
Sewing the quilt top together wasn’t a problem at all.  BUT the machine quilting was a nightmare.  I had a silly notion that a feather design would look great on it, and it probably would but it just isn’t possible for ME to do it with my Grand Quilter and Frame. 

I had stitched one whole border edge before I decided to rip all of the stitching out.  Thankfully, the kids helped through part of it….but honestly, it took almost a whole entire day to rip it out.  UGH!  The kids kept asking me, why did you stitch so far before you realized it was bad…what can I say, it was the optimist in me.

The quilt is going to be a wedding present for hubby’s great nephew who is getting married in January.  This was an Open Gate pattern by Monique Dillard and Sue Glorch.  The local quilt shop featured it as their block of the month.  The fabric is Collections for a Cause-Tradition.  There are three different layouts for the quilt blocks.  I chose the Ruth’s Medallion version which at 84 x84.

 If anyone would like the pattern book (it does have my scribbles in it), drop a note in the comments and I’ll pick someone to mail it to on Friday.  That’s another Joy in the New Year project finished….ya-hoo.  Now to go finish another one….

3 thoughts on “Circle of Friends-BOM”

  1. Hi Jo,
    I love your quilt and would truly love to make it. I also saw that you mentioned Secrets of Eden. Last night on my way home from work, I listened to in interview with the author on NPR. A lovely man who has such respect for each of his characters. I will read this one soon too.
    Thanks again, Mardi Niles

    1. It’s nice when to find an author I like….it’s easy to get attached to the characters. Most of my “reading” is happening via audio books now days. I listen while I sew. It’s a dangerous combination when I am listening to a good book….I sew to listen and I listen to sew…not much housework gets done then….

  2. just browsing around, and saw this post. I guess you gave the book away already? I love the way the sampler is set- so different that what you normally see. i’d love to have the book= will be happy to pay postage! this would be a good thing to do as a BOM with my quilt group…

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