Churn Dash Love

It’s kind of funny Kelli and I are both working on Churn Dash quilts right now…

Here is Kelli’s….

…and here’s mine.

We aren’t working on the same patterns.  Both are scrappy but both different.  We’ve both had lots of fun working on the projects.

This is not our first experience with Churn Dash blocks…in fact, we’ve had lots of Churn Dash experience.

Long ago I made this quilt….

There is a free pattern for it here.  You can read the whole story about the quilt here.  Can you believe that is was made from leftovers?

Kelli and I had another big adventure with Churn Dash blocks when we made this quilt….
A couple years ago Kelli and I were invited to submit designs for a book the goal of the book was to design a quilt and then make variations of the quilt.  Well Kelli and I chose Churn Dash blocks.

Here are four of the quilts we made for the book.  This is Kim’s Deal.

11141, Cerda, FA15

This one we called “X Marks the Spot”….Read about it here.


This one we called “Miss Molly”.  Read about it here.

…this one…”Indian Summer”..  Read about it here.

Here’s the book they were in.  We no longer have the book in stock….Amazon does though.  Here’s the link.

There are a couple more variations of our churn dash designs in the book.

We’ve always had a fun time with Churn Dash blocks….I would go so far to say that they are right in the top five of my favorite blocks ever.  So much can be done with them by simply changing the color placement of pieces in the blocks.

That was fun walking down memory lane with all the churn dash quilts we’ve made….I’m so happy that we still love the blocks and still want to make them!!

3 thoughts on “Churn Dash Love”

  1. Making a churn dash has been on my mind ever since you showed that plaid one a couple of weeks ago. I’m almost finished with the quilt I’m working on, so this might be my next project.
    I need to go through my stash and find the fabric I want. Maybe I can organize some during the search. Thanks for sharing.

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