Christmas Then and Now

Here I am…I was three at the time unloading my Christmas stocking.


Look at the contents….fruit, candy, nuts and a popcorn ball.  My times have changed….I miss a more simple Christmas.

Speaking of a simple Christmas…

Hubby and I agreed no Christmas presents would be exchanged between the two of us.  I lived up to my end and he did too (kind of)…except he did finish up working on my quilt ladder and he did give that to me.  I exclaimed that he cheated and broke our deal.  He said nope..the ladder was an early Valentines present that he just happened to give me on Christmas.  That’s odd because we don’t do Valentines presents either…oh well.  I have a ladder for my quilts and I’m really happy.


I’ve been searching for more ways to display quilts.  In September we went to the antique show in Clean Lake, Iowa and we saw a dealer who had this ladder and was using it as a quilt display.


We tried to buy it but he insisted that it wasn’t for sale….but he did have one in his truck that wasn’t cleaned up and we could buy that is we wanted.  We did.


Hubby sanded and varnished it and ta-da!!  I have a display for my quilts…only problem, there isn’t much room for it in this house…

I love it and can’t wait to use this at the new house…Did any of you get quilty Christmas presents???

Doesn’t Hubby do a great job taking care of me!

7 thoughts on “Christmas Then and Now”

  1. I LOVE your new ladder! My honey is working on one for me…it is a work in progress, maybe I will get it on Valentine’s day! I too can never have enough ways to display my quilts!

  2. What a dear hubby you have! The ladder looks plenty sturdy and has a fine patina of age. My hubby gave me (with a little coaching help) a copy of The Blue & Grey and I love just turning the pages, LOL!

  3. I did get some quilty presents! A few gift cards, a new walking foot, and best of all, some fabric my son picked out by himself (none of it is anything I would have picked out, but I love that he took the time to pick it out and I WILL make something out of it!!)

  4. Love the ladder. Yup… got a check for quilt fabric. To his credit, hubby did try to go to the LQS to get a gift certificate but they were closed on Christmas Eve. I’m just as happy with the check. We have several LQS’s, so I can shop the one with the best sale.

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