Christmas Recap

We had a lovely Christmas…no stress…no family uproars….Just some good food and some family fun.  Kalissa with her family and Karl were our only kids home on Christmas day.  It was so nice.  We didn’t do fancy time consuming fancy dishes.  Nothing and that was just what I needed as Saturday I caught a cold.

Here’s some of the highlights of our Christmas day.

Karl was a big help with prepping food.  He likes cooking with me whenever he’s home.  Being a college student he is fascinated with the abundance of spices and supplies that I have.  He says cooking knowing you have ingredients is much more fun than at his apartment.


We were making Brownie Delight. Recipe here.

I like cooking with Karl even though he dirties way more dishes than I would on my own.  In fact, he had used most of my scrappers and I went to grab one to reuse it.  Karl quickly stopped me and told me nope…I couldn’t use them.  He had licked them.  I swear, sometimes he’s just a big kid.  I love that though.  He makes me smile.


Just a bit after this I sat down to play a game of chess with him.  His beard was covered in whip cream and he had no idea.  I told him to go look in the mirror.  He came out laughing…Then he asked me how did that happen.  I told him he should probably give up spoon and scraper licking if he’s going to be having a beard…one of the joys of growing up I guess.

Of course there was napping.


and Ruby time….


We did have to introduce Carver to the tradition of playing the Farming Game.  We play each Christmas…it’s always fun and for the record, I won this year.  Karl was a close second.


As you can see…it’s really relaxed here.  You also might notice that gifts are not the big attraction.  We love just hanging out together…for me, this is Christmas.

10 thoughts on “Christmas Recap”

  1. Sounds like a wonderful relaxed day! We have the same thought on Christmas – a time for getting together and no stress! It’s not about the gifts.

  2. Looks like you had a great time. I had to laugh at the ‘Ruby time’ picture. It looks like Carl is looking under her tail!

  3. This sounds like a perfect way to spend the Christmas season, with family, good food (and yes even licking the scrapers) and family games. It is called making Memories and having Traditions! Love it. Our family was not together this year but we gathered in Texas in November with them all. This season I sent them there favorite Christmas goodies and we called. Life happens. Thanks for sharing your Christmas with us.

  4. Your home looks so comfortable Jo! That’s what it’s all about isn’t it? Life is about family and friends and enjoying time together. Many blessings to you and yours for the soon coming new year!

  5. Such a sweet Christmas day for you and your wonderful family. I loved that picture of Carl and Ruby, She is in the lap of luxury, literally, lol! So cute!

  6. Jo,

    We also had a very simple Christmas with Parker not expected to leave the hospital until mid January or early February. My sister, his grandmother, had decided she would wait Christmas until he came home.

    Well, our best Christmas present arrived early on Christmas Eve. It was a bald headed two year old wrapped in orange tennis shoes and a Love My Melon stocking hat. Parker again defied all the things they told us at the University. His numbers were up and he came home for good. He will need to visit the University every month to be monitored but for now all is good! Always believe in the power of prayer. All of the prayers sent heavenward by family, community, strangers from all over the world as well as from great people like you are what brought our precious bundle home! Diannia — Always #Parker Strong

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