Christmas Gifts

I told you earlier this month that I am working on Christmas gifts with the goal of having them done before Thanksgiving but willing to allow myself until December 1st if needed. Well I can check something off my list….


Last year a week or two before Christmas I bought fabric to make my childcare kiddos pillowcases for Christmas.  Well…it didn’t happen.  (that was no real surprise to me…I bought the fabric with big expectations and little time)  This year I was bound and determined to start on them early.

When Connie was here for our sewing weekend she was cutting out some pillowcases.  Well that made it easy for me.  Connie is the pillowcase EXPERT!  I ran upstairs and got my fabric and asked her how to cut it out.  She told me and I did it.  I didn’t have to look up any directions as Connie was there.  I ended up sewing one together that day but set the rest aside for another day.

I ended up finishing these over the weekend.  There are seven all together.  6 girlish ones with princesses and one dinosaur one the boy in my care.  I only made them for the kids older than 18 months.

The main part of the case was new fabric but the accent and edge pieces were all stash fabrics.  I made the princess ones different as there are more than one girl in two of the families and this way the kids will still be able to tell their pillows apart from their sisters.

The ones shown are folded.  They are actual pillowcase sized.

For those wondering Connie recommends cutting at these sizes:27″ for the main part of the case
2″ for the accent
12″ for the edge

She said the 12″ measurement can be smaller but she prefers 12″.  She also said the accent piece can be skipped.  I like the more decorative look so added it.

These were SUPER quick and fun.  I’m so glad I have them checked off my list.  Connie was a great inspiration in getting this to happen.  THANKS Connie.

I also checked quilts for two of my childcare girls off my list.  If you missed that finish, see them here.

4 thoughts on “Christmas Gifts”

  1. Cute pillowcases! The kids will love them. I sew a decorative stitch to the accent piece to hold it down in the wash so I don’t have to press it.

  2. Love the pillow cases, the fabrics are wonderful! Great gifts Jo! You are inspiring me to get off the computer & finish/begin Christmas gifts!

  3. Cute pillow cases! I did some for high school graduates to take to college, using Dr. Who, Disney, and Harry Potter prints, depending on their interests. I did a 27 inch case and 9 inch cuff (and some fabric from my stash for the accent strip) so I could make two cases with a yard each of 2 coordinating fabrics.

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