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Before I start today’s blog post, I want to take a minute to thank you all for the cards and well wishes you all have sent my way.  This is just a small sampling of them.  It’s so sweet and appreciated.  Thank you so much.

I was a busy little elf this year.

I gifted five quilts….

A stack of pillowcases…I think 10 total.  That wasn’t too bad.  I think I’ll be making more of them as the years pass.  I had a blog reader, Ila, gift some Christmas fabric to me so I think I’ll make Christmas pillow cases for them all next year…Pillowcases aren’t hard at all and the tutorial I used from Youtube (find it here) was fabulous.  I wish I would be ambitious and just make the Christmas pillow cases now but…I know me and likely won’t.  (Although with Rosie here that would be something I could easily sew here on the main floor of the house with the Featherweight.)  We will see.

I made five pincushions.  
Yes…I can count.  I gifted one before I took the picture!  I have a blog post coming up Saturday morning that will tell you more about them.  These were really fun to make and I look forward to trying a few other projects from the book.

That is the most I’ve ever made for gift giving for Christmas.  Typically I make big plans and then peter out.  Of course I buy all of the stuff to make them…just don’t get them made.  This year, I think I started early enough and the small projects were more realistic to handle.  Plus, as I finished each project, a little momentum kicked in and I worked to keep that momentum going.

The childcare kids liked their quilts.  I sent a note to their parents that asked them to please let the kids use the quilts.  I told them that if the quilts were damaged or if seams came loose to just let me know and I’d repair it.  Seriously, I went to all the work to make them, I want the kids to use them.

About 10 minutes after presents were opened, the kids asked, “Can we build a blanket fort?”

Here you can see three of the five quilts in action….

Oh they had fun.  I didn’t have a single kitchen or dining room chair left..the kiddos took them all for their forts.  It was really sweet.

Someone asked if the kids who don’t get one mind….they don’t.  It’s kind of a right of passage as to who gets a quilt and who doesn’t.  They all know they will get one…it’s just a matter of time.

I’ll admit, I’m already thinking about what I’d make or do for next year.  I don’t have kids at the age that they need quilts.  Typically I make them if the child entered kindergarten the fall before Christmas.  I figure they are old enough to take care of them by then and they are in a bigger bed.  So being I won’t be making quilts, I don’t know if I’ll be making anything…but, I did pick up a bag that has a doll bed type pocket at the thrift store for 50 cents.  I was thinking about trying to “modernize” it a bit and make that for the girls.  I’m thinking I’ll make one for my grandkids Georgia and Lucy at least.  But making these will be like most everything…it’s just as easy to make a few as it is to make one.

We’ll see where life takes me.  Christmas 2020 is a long ways away.  I’d love to hear what you all made this year.  Did you make any homemade gifts?  I always am looking for ideas.

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  1. I had a project bag class earlier in the year. I really liked the outcome so dug out some scraps and made 8 project bags. I even managed to make two for me. Used up most of the Minnesota Shop Hop fabric from various years and patched together some soft and stable pieces. They are all gifted and I managed to put the zippers in for both right and left handlers. Nice gift for quilters…nice to use up leftovers.

  2. my gifts were embroidered dish towels, crocheted pot holders and crocheted dish cloths. It is so hard to buy gifts when I don’t know what any body needs. In the past I have made many patch work quilts and made pillows from fleece fabric

  3. Joanne in Massachusetts

    While I recognize you have the amazing talent of producing large quilts faster than most of us can say Jack Sprat, maybe you could partially make some of the style you like to do for your kindergartener s and put them in a kit with enough fabric for the name to be finished when needed?

    Love the colors in the last few (that I can remember). You sure pick happy colors for the children.

  4. Perhaps I missed it but I’m curious what size you made the kindergarteners’ quilts. You’re very ambitious and I admire your quilts.

  5. I made a wool ornaments for each of my small stitching group. (6). A wool candle mat for a exchange gift. As you can see I love working with wool.
    A reading pillow would be a great gift for your child care kids of any age. Here is a utube link.

  6. I did get the 6th cross stitch ornament finished for the grand nieces and nephews on one side of the family. I started these 3 years ago when there were only 6 on both sides. Now need to do 6 more for the grand nieces and nephews on the other side. I didn’t get the pillowcase or the apron made. Life happens.

  7. I made lounging pillows for my 2 oldest grandsons. They were made from a large men’s t-shirt and were 28” x 28”. You make them by cutting the sleeves off and straight across the top just under the neck ribbing. Sew side and top seams and add a zipper at the hem and you have a nice pillow. Still working on finishing my oldest grandsons quilt. Back problems have slowed things down.

  8. I didn’t make anything for the holidays, but spread out some cheer throughout the year. I made and gave away three quilts that were used as auction items for fundraisers such as Boy Scouts or schools. Also made a couple of baby quilts for additions to the family. Star Wars quilts are popular so I made or quilted six this year for family. I also finished last years Bonnie Hunter quilt and finally quilted and bound my En Provence mystery from a few years ago. All in all, it was a productive year for me as I do quite a bit of longarming for clients. My greatest accomplishment was learning to bind quilts by machine using your instructions. Thanks for that, it’s a time saver for kids quilts.
    Wishing you a wonderful new year!

  9. I made bowl wraps (used to hold a bowl that has been microwaved, sort of a potholder of sorts made to conform to the shape of a bowl). They are so easy and go together quickly…. made a total of eight. There will definitely be more that will be made for gift giving next year!!

  10. I planned on making a couple of ornaments, but never managed to get around to it. Love that the kids wanted to use their quilts right away! And those pin cushions? SEW darling!!! I know that I would have enjoyed receiving one of those.

  11. I made pillowcases for my eight grandchildren, 23 log cabin ornaments for family and friends, and ten thread catchers for my quilting small group. I was able to gift a quilt and some small quilted purses to my granddaughters that I purchased at a church bazaar and quilt show very inexpensively. Plus I discovered the joy of watercolor painting this year and was able to gift a few of my paintings to family members and to my surprise, they loved them!

  12. I like the idea of the kids getting their quilts when they have started school. And that you don’t think all the kids need similar gifts.
    Happy New Year.

  13. Nikki DeRamus Moshier

    I made most of my gifts, for the grand nieces and nephews. Reading pillows are great and you can find nice books at the thrift shops. I made a phone pillow stands for the 30ish crowd. Here’s the idea: I made pillow cases and stuffed dolls and teddy bears (goggle Dolls of Hope) for charity.

    I got a new to me embroidery machine so a lot of embroidered dish towels.

    A friend made Raggedy Andy and Ann dolls that were great. I am going to see if I can find a pattern for next year.

    I adore making gifts, not sure the recipient always wants my gifts, but I will be remembered as the crazy aunt that made stuff!

  14. I gifted two small lap quilts for Christmas, and two Christmas potholders. Was planning to make several potholders, but didn’t happen. This year I really got back into quilting after a very long time. I do have several quilt tops ready to quilt, one at a time! Happy New Year!!!

  15. I bought a pattern for cross back aprons. I made four of them, one for each girl associated with a son. Super fun! I also made two patchwork pillows and some of the same pillow cases you made, and a quilt for my son who served in Iraq. And a knit hat for my son who works construction.

  16. My grandchildren only get handmade gifts for Christmas and birthdays Jo , I have made things like beach bags and added towels and sunscreen, another year I made them bathroom packs that included little shampoos, conditioner brushes and combs for sleep overs, another year the got towels with their names embroidered on, just takes a it of thinking, just love your blog, have followed you about 8 months now, live in Australia, you and your family is such a blessing for me,

  17. Judith Fairchild

    Loved the quilt forts. I made two baby quilts and have finished the blocks for a fall quilt. My grandson Isaac has outgrown all the quilts I have made him so he got a new one for Christmas. I used only stash front back batting and binding it’s nearly completed. Took off for the holidays. Enjoy the news.

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