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I’ve told you all that I’m not a big Christmas decorator and don’t put up a tree. I’m not against all of that just haven’t in the past and I don’t get the Christmas “feel-goods” from it all. But, I always do something…just a little bit.

When my grandkids were here last weekend I decided it would be a good time to change it all out. In the past, I did it over Thanksgiving weekend but it just didn’t work out this year. Then between work and a doctor’s appointment last week, I didn’t get it done then either so with the kids here, I thought it was a perfect time.

The Fall stuff all got put away. I love to put my cross stitch on the top of the box so when I open it, I can be awed by it all. HA! I do love it.

I love to see it all together and figure out how many pieces I got done in the last year. This year I did the Tom Turkey on the lower left, the pumpkin sampler on the lower right, and the long skinny on on the toweling fabric.

I also finished all of these…

I’m leaving these out all year though. They are in my dining room. I only put Christmas stuff in the living room. I don’t know why. Mostly I think because I hate carrying in and out all of the boxes of decorations. I’m lazy that way. HA!

I’m super happy with all of the extra fall stitching I got done last year. I love seeing it all.

So then it was time to open the Christmas box. This is what greeted me…

I just love that it’s all on top. I think I had three new pieces this year. I think it was the three on the left.

Here they all are out on display.

Well not all of them…a couple went over here.

The kids were “helping” me so they set up this area. I might do a little “resetting” of that area. I didn’t want to do it front of them though. HA!!

I try to add a few cross-stitch pieces each year. Right now I could use a few more Winter vs Christmas pieces. I am okay with Valentine’s pieces. I don’t think I have any Easter/Spring pieces and zero 4th of July pieces (Wait, no one!). I should probably work on that. Hmm.

I do know that I like to stitch both big and little things so that’s good. Hopefully, I can stitch more of both next year.

I do think I’m going to try to get in the swing of stitching a 4th of July piece on the 4th of each month and maybe a fall piece on the last day of the month…and still keep up with my Christmas/Winter stitching on the 25th of each month. Oh, there are so many things I’d love to be stitching.

I had a great time opening the boxes and seeing all of my stitching. What a fun time. So glad I could share this simple decorating with the kids. They had a great time.

11 thoughts on “Christmas Decor”

  1. I love your method of setting aside specific days for certain projects. I need to think about how to make that work for me.

  2. Love your seasonal decoration. Looking at them, I’m thinking of all the times you shared your progress with us!
    While we don’t have a lot of room in the RV, I do make a bunch of smalls that are monthly and seasonal. I even have one or two frames that can be interchanged with different pieces.
    Love and prayers

  3. Love all of your cross stitch pieces. Notforgotten Farm has a cute little freebie on her blog for winter..a girl snowman called Suzie Snowflake. I have also done some nice 4th of July smalls using free patterns fro Santa and Sampler blog. I have just started With thy Needle and Threads Word Play series for each month. I doing one a month. So far I’ve done October,November and December. They finish all the same size so they would be good to change out in various finishes..flat, frame, mounted on a board etc. I many things to stitch.

  4. Your cross stitch pieces are so nice, Jo. The variation in size makes them fun to decorate with. I don’t know how you get it all done. I like your plan of doing something specific on certain days of the month. Maybe if I tried that I could keep that day sacred and not schedule over it. I have MANY quilt projects that need to get done. Your beautiful pieces make me want to go back to cross stitching again, but I just don’t have time for it all.

  5. I like how you pack your “decorations ” away so you see your cross-stitch pieces first when you open the tub. What joy and excitement you feel when you see the pieces again.

  6. Jo, do you remember what flosses you used for the “Love & Joy” piece? I’ve been trying to find the post about it – but haven’t had any success so far. Your version is so much prettier than the original!!

    1. I sure silk. I am pretty sure it was cranberry and collards greens from belle soie. I treated myself to silk being it only used two HA!

  7. No matter which season it is, I really like your decorations. I really like all of your smalls. I need to see if I did the Joy one. I know I planned to, but I do much more quilting than cross stitching. Sure is fun to get help from your grandchildren and it sounds like they had much fun doing it.

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