Chopping Wood

Most of the kids were home for the weekend.  It seems like when they come home, they do, and enjoy all the things that they didn’t like to do as kids.  They are super helpful in the garden, cleaning the chicken house, even doing fall clean up and yard work.  Hubby and I LOVE it.  We like the help, and like spending time with the kids.

This weekend Buck brought home a bunch of wood that needed to be split so we can use it in the fire ring for campfires.

Here’s Buck showing Karl the ways of the ax.

Kelli even took a swing at it.

After it was cut they stacked it behind the garage.

When night came we put on our warm winter coats and took in what I am guessing is the last campfire of the year.

2 thoughts on “Chopping Wood

  1. Joyce

    Jo What a beautiful wedding quilt. I think Ruby will want to go with the quilt. What a precious puppy who is going to be spoiled. Thanks for sharing. I could baby sit either with the quilt or Ruby. Joyce


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