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Over the weekend Hubby and I did a few things to give childcare a new look.

I’m not one for typical store bought toys.  The kids already have so many toys and the last thing they want or need is toys that look like the ones they already have at home.  With that in mind, as often as time allows I try to add a few things that they will just find here.   So I made them a set of felt Mr. and Mrs. Potato Heads.



While stumbling around on Pinterest I found this blog that had awesome pictures and inspiration but alas, no patterns.  I Googled and I found templates on this blog and used them as a guide.  I broke off and made things of my own and things the kiddos requested…including baby potato heads.  The girls here love all things baby.

All in all felt is relatively cheap so this project was really inexpensive.  What I love it that if pieces get lost (or chewed) I can easily replace them.  So far, it’s been a hit.  It would be a great project to do for a little one in your life and super easy.  All you need to be able to do is cut felt with a scissor.

I was thrifting over the weekend and found a stationery box.  I did a little spruce up and made it in to the box to keep it all in.


The box had an upper tray in it so I am keeping the bodies in the top and the accessories in the bottom.


The other fun thing we bought while thrifting was a small Christmas tree.  It’s only about 2 1/2′ tall.  It only had a small metal base on the bottom so I asked Hubby to add a piece of wood that was pretty big on the bottom so the kids couldn’t tip it over.  He did.


I also bought some ornaments-3 different styles.  I found a circular place mat.  I cut up the side and cut a circle in the center for them to use as a tree skit.

I put the tree out on the sand and water table along with the ornaments.  The kids played with it lots and lots.  My total investment in the tree and the ornaments was $4.  They had so much fun and we added a lot of learning to it too.  I’d ask how many purple balls or green balls they had on the tree and the kids would be counting.  We’d sort the different ornaments into containers too.  All in all good fun was had by all.


I’m on the lookout for more fun and simple ideas so send them my way if you have any or stumble by anything in internet world.  We love homemade simple fun.

4 thoughts on “Childcare Fun”

  1. I don’t know if you’ll be baking with the kids, but I remember making stained glass cookies for my 7th birthday party. (December baby, like you.) The “leading” was sugar cookie dough and the “glass” was crushed Lifesavers (or any hard candy), which melted to fuse into glass. Really cool.

  2. I bet the kids would like to make their own ornaments for the tree too. Or maybe those paper chains that we used to make. Not sure if that is age appropriate for your group or not. It brings back some memories for me. When my son was little, the neighbor kids would come over to play. I had a basket full of the larger bells. They would ask for a pot and a spoon and stir those bells forever! I realize that’s not probably not the kind of idea you were looking for, but your post just made me think about it!

  3. I just discovered the website which has a number of easy Christmas and other crafty things for kids to make.

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