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I was so nervous last February when Kalissa and one of my childcare moms told me they were pregnant and the babies were due only a few days apart.  I thought I would really have my hands full once they both made their way to childcare….well after two weeks, let me say, they are both really good little boys.  Yes, I’m much more busy and we’ve had a fussy time or two but things are really much better than I ever anticipated.  I’m getting to know them and they are getting to know me.

Carver isn’t here every day so I do get a break from having both of the boys every day.  That makes it easier too.  If I’m expecting to have both boys I plan ahead.  The night before I prep lunch for the next day.  It makes my whole day go easier.  They are adjusting so well.  The other kids love the “boys” as I now call them.  After having a house full of most girls, it’s nice to have boys too.

This is what I love about family childcare…the bigger kids can play with the little ones.


My “big” girls certainly do love the little boys.


On Wednesdays we have a visitor come.  She is with the “Farm to Table” project.  She read a book to the kids and them made a snack using pumpkin with them.  The kids were pretty good.  It’s nice to have someone else come in and handle structured part of the day for me.


Ruby of course has done her part to keep the kids entertained…..Here she’s sporting sun glasses…

In the next photo she has cat ears….

..and now even bunny ears.  She’s such a trouper.

The kids had a quilt of mine out.  One would sit on it then the other kids would pull it.  Next thing they were all “hiding” under it and giggling.  It’s so fun to see them play and start using their imagination.  One peaked her head out and said said “Jo, scary..dark.”  Before long they were on a hunt to find the kids’ flash light.


The music toys in the house haven’t gotten much use.  I love music toys but the noise when indoors gets to me.  I finally decided to take them outside and leave them in the outside cabinet.  Now they can play them outside whenever they want…and now it’s music to my ears.


It’s such a good compromise.  They love the toys and now they can play with without driving me crazy indoors…or without fear of waking a sleeping baby.


Sadly our beautiful weather left us and days outside will be limited.  I’m hoping Kalissa might pop over a day or two and watch the little ones inside so the bigger kids can still get some outside time.  It’s one of the hard things that happens when I have babies…the big kids just don’t get outside as much….that’s the downside of family childcare.

We’re all happy and so far, healthy on the childcare front….I’m hoping we can stay that way for awhile.



7 thoughts on “Childcare Fun”

  1. I admire you for all you do! Those children are so blessed to have such a wonderful person to take care of them. Hopefully, those parents all cherish you.

  2. I really enjoy hearing how the daycare side of your life is going. The children have a wonderful place to be during the day.

  3. In Canada, the new mothers or fathers, get a year of maternity leave to stay home with their babies. I’m surprised that they don’t have that opportunity there, it’s a chance for mother and baby to adjust and bond.

  4. So fun for the girls o get to interact with the little boys. My middle child is a girl and she is seven years older then her youngest brother. Toni was great with Nick she loved to play with her baby brother, feed him and take baths with him. They are still close to each other today.

  5. The kids are so cute, and Ruby is such a good sport! Love your dog. Do you have a pattern for that quilt? I’m usually not a pink person, but I love the pink brown combinations and that quilt .

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