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Since Christmas I’ve only had two days of childcare…Tuesday and Wednesday of last week.  Right up to the break we hadn’t had snow…so when the kids were here for the two days, they had a such a wonderful time just watching what happens outside when it snows.

The dogs chased and chased outside in the snow and the kids watched and watched.

Then they had to check out the neighbor blowing snow.


As adults we take all these things for granted.  We know the sound of a snow blower…know what it looks like to see dogs romp.  These are all new experiences for these guys.  They are soaking them in.  The little ones watched the neighbor the entire time he blew snow off his driveway and sidewalk.

The older two were bored quickly with the snow blowing.  They were off to the free art box.  This has quickly become their favorite place.  I have a bin that I throw things into…toilet paper tubes, the long narrow paper from quilt batting that comes on the roll, oatmeal containers, jar lids and those types of things.  Kelli bought them stickers and that was added.  They create all sorts of art with it.


The thing they are most in love with right now are some scrap booking supplies I found at the thrift store.  The ink pads, stampers and paper punches get LOTS and LOTS of use.  They love them.  I like it too.  The kids get self directed art experiences without me having to come up with a craft all the time.  I love crafting with them but they are engaged a longer period of time if they decide what they are doing.  They seem to be a little more proud of their project too.  It has gotten so that even if I do a craft with them, they improvise it to their liking.

I very much enjoyed and appreciated my time off of childcare but I sure was happy to see the kids.  They are just a bright light in my day…even if I did have to pluck a washcloth out of the pee ridden toilet.

3 thoughts on “Childcare Files”

  1. If you made a video of the kids watching and the dogs playing, I could use it to entertain my childcare baby too!! You would then be doing long distance childcare from Iowa to Maryland! For a few minutes…

  2. hi jo, me again. I ended up with some “stuff” in a fabric bag from goodwill. i’m sure the little ones would like these goodies, I was just going to donate them back but if you send your addy, i’ll get them off to you.


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