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I’ve gotten a few emails from readers wondering how it’s been being back to childcare….

It’s been going good….actually awesome.  I missed the kids lots.  What can I say, I’m pretty attached to the bunch of them.  Besides that, I think being away from them made me stop and realize how truly blessed I am to have them in my life.  They give me so many opportunities to smile and laugh throughout the day.

Here we are out on our walk….


They just love going for a walk.  Every time a vehicle passes on the road the kids all stop and wave.  They all have the best time pulling a toy along as we go.

Thankfully my little one in the stroller is very patient and easy going.  She makes going outside pretty easy.  For lots of providers having a baby really limits outside time….not this little gal.  She’s a real trooper.  I am so thankful for that.

Of course our walks last for forever…we have to stop for every dandelion and ant hill along the way.

I am super patient and work really hard to give them plenty time to explore.  As good as my parents are, I know once they are home everyone is scrunched for time.  With supper and housework for parents to deal with I’m sure it’s hard to find time to simply enjoy the outdoors.  I work to give them that time when they are here…I give that time to myself too.  Seeing the outdoors through a child’s eyes is priceless.

One of the things I really missed while I was off was their little conversations….
At meal time on Wednesday the conversation between the four and five year old went like this:
A:  I don’t want you to freak out but the baby chickens that we have, we are going to butcher.
L:  What’s butcher?
A: You know, eat them.  Our family wants to eat chicken.  Don’t freak out.

Oh they make me smile…I love my job.  Thankfully most days, it doesn’t even seem like a job.  It’s a whole lot more like “hanging out” with my little friends.  I am so blessed to have the best bunch of families in my care.  When I count my blessing…I definitely count my families and my job twice.

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  1. Betty (from Canada)

    I am so glad that you don’t just plunk the kids down in front of the T.V. I had 2 girls who would baby-sit for me and their Mother didn’t believe that kids should be just plunked down in front of the T.V. They would take our kids on picnics, walks etc. My daughter would only stay with these two girls because she said any other baby-sitter wouldn’t read her any stories.

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