Childcare Chronicles: Two Little Culprits

I have lots of little kids at childcare four of the days of the week.  They all range from 7 months to 20 months old.  They are a handful but we are gradually getting into a routine that is working for us.

Friday I had four of the kids here.  I was in the living room feeding a bottle to the youngest and looking at a book with the oldest at the same time.  Carver and the other little guy that’s his age were in the kitchen.  They were playing with the canning jar rings (a HUGE favorite of theirs).  After a bit I heard the dog bowl clank.  I was frustrated with myself that I forgot to put it up.  I stopped feeding the baby, went out to the kitchen and sure enough, the two had dumped out the dog water bowl and were playing in the water.  UGH.  Thankfully they didn’t get wet.

I went back into the living room and got everyone situated again.  The baby was drinking the bottle and I was back to looking at the book with the older girl.  Soon I realized that it was eerily quiet in the kitchen.  I went out there to check on the boys and found this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Somehow the two of them figured out how to open the latch on the cabinet.  They have NEVER done this before.  They got out a can of meringue powder and got the lid off.  They were happily playing in the powder.

I don’t know if you know about  meringue powder but it’s SUPER light and fluffy and VERY fine.  The two were having a blast.  Me, I was cringing.

Carver got up to stand and almost fell as the powder is so fine and was really slippery on the hard wood floors…see?

I’m so glad I’m older now.  As a young mom, I would have been ready to scream.  As an experienced Grandma, I think, oh well….glad they got their “sand” play in.

It was so hard to clean up.  I’d lift one boy out and go to lift the other and the first one would be scrambling to get back into the mess.  Finally I stripped them both down to their diapers and put them both in their cribs and got the vacuum cleaner out.  After that I went back and got them cleaned up and dressed.  Not thinking, I took a rag and wiped Carver’s hair to get the powder out.  The rag was wet and that “activated” the meringue powder.  His hair turned stiff.  UGH.  There was no way for me to give them a bath so that afternoon I sent the two of them home and told their mom’s bath time was in order for both of them.

I’m happy to say that I’m laughing about this now….then, I was cringing…this is one of the many joys of childcare.  I’m off…got to find a different place for meringue powder.

12 thoughts on “Childcare Chronicles: Two Little Culprits”

  1. We kids were in bed when our parents heard something upstairs. One of us had gotten up and was “helping Mommy.” There was scouring powder and tiny finger tracks all over the bathroom floor! I can’t think of that story without feeling the grit, and I’m not sure I was the one who did it! Well, if Kalissa ever wants to give Conner a punk hairdo (Halloween is coming up!), at least meringue powder isn’t toxic.

  2. I love the part about activating the meringue powder! That’s hilarious! I’ve never used meringue powder, so I would have done the same thing!! Too funny!

  3. I’ll always remember our oldest son at about age 6 or 7 wanting to help by washing the car….the bugs weren’t coming off of the hood so he got my pan scratcher and that took off the bugs….and the finish and alittle paint! I’d fallen asleep…I still don’t take naps to this day!!!

  4. Oh, sorry, but I had to laugh at this one. I even read it allowed to my hubby. He loved it! Good thing you have lots of patience and a sense of humor. Thanks for the chuckle!

  5. Betty from Canada

    In a situation like that you just have to laugh and say it could have been worse. I remember a lady I worked with was very sick (like lying on the couch sick).She heard her two girls in the kitchen (they were about 3 & 4) laughing THAT laugh..When she went to investigate there they were.They had got the dish soap and the cornflakes and were making “pancakes”What could she do but laugh and go back to the couch.

  6. Boy, Kids will be Kids!!! I remember mine were about those two’s age and they were playing in the bathroom. I was quilting! They came running out of the bathroom with funny looks on their faces. I found water on the floor and later found they had flushed a toy down the toilet. Guess what? Letting them play in the bathroom was NOT a good idea!!! DUH!!

  7. Ohohoh!! I LOVED the little handprints in the first picture! And the tiny hands swishing back and forth in the powder on the floor! Thank you for grabbing the camera and letting them play for a minute or two more!
    Now you’ll have to check ALL the lower cabinets for powders and dangerous stuff, because they will NOT forget where they found such fun.
    As grandparents of 16, my husband found magnetic locks that can be unclicked when the grandkids have gone home. He put them all in, and they have worked like a charm. A bit expensive, but very useful and convenient.

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