Childcare Chronicles Featuring Ruby

Ruby was busy working her job as childcare assistant again….

The kids look the little Christmas stockings I bought and dressed Ruby in them….along with the little Christmas tree skirt.  She was happy with the kids but a little unhappy with me as I was trying to snap a picture.  She wasn’t too sure about the stockings.  She would lift her feet and actually prance as she walked.  It was funny.  Supposedly she was a lion.  The tree skirt was her mane.


She also had a litter of puppies.


I am not sure who the dad dog (probably the dog she married a week or so ago) is because there were all sorts of puppies of many different breeds (Beanie Babies).  Following this picture Ruby laid on her side and the kids took the “puppies” and had them nurse.  Ruby just happily laid there.

There are times I still miss our old beagle Gracie but I know she would have hated childcare.  She was a little persnickety.  She would snap if people other than me would pick her up.  We would have had her kept away from the childcare kids.  I would have hated that.

Betsy is pretty good with the kids as is Puppycat but neither of them would tolerate this.  I am so thankful that Ruby is the dog she is.  The kids just love her.

Later in the day I was talking to one of the childcare kiddos.  We were talking about whose birthday was next and I said it was mine.  The conversation went a like this…..

A says: I am going to buy you a present for your birthday Jo. What do you like?
I said: oh, computers, quilting and dogs.
A says: Well I am going to buy you a new dog for your birthday.
I said: I don’t think Roger will like that.
A says: That’s okay, I’ll be gone by the time Roger gets home.

What a hoot!!  It was all I could do not to completely laugh out loud or for that matter roll around on the floor laughing.  I just love that girl!!

So there you are with the childcare/Ruby chronicles.  There’s never a dull moment when the kiddos are around.

5 thoughts on “Childcare Chronicles Featuring Ruby”

  1. What a fantastic dog!

    Cute story about the new dog for your birthday. I so enjoy little kids and the things they say. Thanks for sharing.

  2. I want to come to daycare at your house. The pictures of Ruby are priceless. I think the stories would make a good children’s book – The Adventures of Ruby. Thanks for writing about the kiddos – I enjoy the Ruby and daycare stories as much as I enjoy the quilting information. Have a great day!

  3. Ruby is such a great dog and a wonderful part of your family and your blog, I just love her and all the great pictures with your beautiful quilts and now all dressed up with the child care children.
    I look forward to your blog each day and all the fun you have with child care and Ruby.

  4. You really need to take a movie of Ruby prancing around with the stocking on. That would be wonderful to see!!! Hugs to you and yours. Enjoy 50, it is just another number!

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