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This week had me hopping yet again.  I keep hoping for a slower week and I am really hoping that next week is it.  I thought we were over the hump of people being sick around here and then at the end of the week, Carver caught the bug.  I’m so hoping that it’s not a new bug and that he’s just late in catching it.

Carver had rolled over once at Kalissa and Craig’s last weekend.   He wouldn’t do it again though.  Tuesday I had him at childcare while Kalissa was working.  He decided to roll for me…  This was roll number one.


Then roll number 2.


Roll #3….


Roll #4…..childcare-4-4

Then the poor little guy was pooped and fell asleep right on his play mat.


Once he was awake he did the last roll of the day #5.childcare-4-6

We did a couple fun project this week…nothing fancy.  We painted feet and turned them into snowmen.  (thanks for the idea Lisa)

We did this too.  The kids painted with watercolors.


The pictures turned out like this….


After they dried the kids folded a piece of paper in half then cut out a heart.  They glued the paper that the heart was cut of onto their painted paper.   They sure were proud of them.


Cheryl from Texas had sent a BIG box of scrapbooking stickers that were all ABC stickers.  I put them to good use and made these for the kiddos to practice their names.I put their names on a sentence strip using stickers and then cut out hearts and put smaller sticker on those.  The kids say the letters of their name and then put the hearts on top of the matching letter on the sentence strip.  It’s all in hope that these guys will learn to spell their names.  They are doing really good already.  Thanks for the ABC stickers Cheryl.


All of these things we do just for fun.  If any of the kids aren’t interested, they can go play but they always love it.  Anything that happens when I’m “teacher” vs regular childcare providers, they love.

While at the thrift stores I picked up boxes of  Valentines.  The boxes were only a quarter and had half used Valentines.  I put them out and the kids could do whatever they wanted with them.  They got good practice ripping, cutting and once the older kids came from school, lots of practice was had with writing names and words.

I went to Wal-mart and picked up these.  They were across from the baby food.  They are farm related finger puppets.  We sing a song, “Cows in the kitchen”.  Here is a link to the song.  These little puppets work great a were just under $3..well worth the cost.


The kids loved them.  Everyone wanted to take a turn with wearing them on their fingers and singing.


It was a good week.  We had lots of fun.  The baby got over the threshold of being completely unpredictable.  I have one so very close to walking in fact mom messaged my last night and said she took two steps.  It’s happening…my bigger kids are learning to spell their names, the babies are rolling and some walking.  I love it.  Everyday I see learning and growing.

Minus the jostling and squealing the two year olds have been doing as they learn to use words and not squeals, it’s a pretty good place to spend my days.

7 thoughts on “Childcare Chronicles”

  1. Such a busy week and how wonderful to see Carver on the roll! Great idea with those finger puppets and love the painting and cutting for there hearts.

  2. Betty from Canada

    It is so good that you do activities with the kids instead of plunking them in front of the t.v. as some child care places do. Another good reason that you do this is that you may pick up on some learning disability that could get over looked.

  3. I get the best ideas from you about activities to do with my granddaughter who spends the workday with me. At nine months, she is too young to sing but she is fascinated with rhyming patterns and will love this song and the others in the link. Carver is a cutie, and he sure resembles his mama.

  4. I’m wondering about the water color paints. What are they and where do I get them.. I’m going to do that project with my granddaughter.

    1. I have actual big bottles of the paint. I buy that through Discount School Supply. That’s easiest to use if your kids are little. If they were older the kids can use the water color packets that you have to add water to. I do use watercolor paper. To colors stay nice and are bolder with that.

  5. Here’s an idea for the kids for painting. What about taking a paper pieced pattern and blowing it up to full-page size. The kids can color in the different sections, and make their own “quilt”. Love the child care pictures – Carver is sure getting big.

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