Childcare Chronicles

School got out for the preschoolers last week and the big kids got done with school on Tuesday…so it’s summertime childcare for me.  I don’t have a lot of kids but it’s a new routine.

Wednesday Kelli had her six-week check-up so I had her kiddos here.  Much of the morning was spent passing the babies from big kid to big kid as they all wanted in on holding them.  Here is Carver with Eli.

We spent time outside too.  Here Georgie is working on her scooter skills.  This style of scooter is great for kids just learning.  It has three wheels vs the typical two.  HERE is where I found the scooter.

I had told you that I bought new scooters with my Amazon affiliate dollars.  That is the commission money Amazon pays me from purchases you make using the links from my blog.  I so appreciate your using the links.  The 25 cents here and there ads up.  I often use the money to buy goodies for the kids.  Our outside equipment has had a wonderful overhaul thanks to you all.

The kids asked for a picnic…we had one using the wonderful eye spy quilt a  sweet blog reader, Christi, made.  I sent the kids in to get a quilt for the picnic and they brought out this one.  I almost sent them back in to get a different one but then I remembered.  I like seeing the quilts I made being used…this one did get used.  After the picnic, they wrapped Georgie in it like a burrito.

…and then carried her around.

The boys were here too…Both of the boys will randomly raise a hand in the middle of sleeping.  We call in hallelujah hands.

I just happened to snap this picture of Georgie…and loved it so am sharing it.

Kelli was diapering Emmett and Gannon snuck into his seat.  He’s so big!!

Then Carver and Georgie wanted their picture taken with Eli too.

I bought a lightbox not long ago.  I’ve wanted one for years.  As a kid, I had a Holly Hobby one.  Recently I saw that Lori Holt had one out.  I was excited.  I went to buy one part for me to use for sewing and partly for the childcare kiddos.  I was so sad.  The lightbox although I’m sure is lovely, I wasn’t about to pay $149 for one!  Yep…$149.  I was shocked at the price.

I wrote it off and decided I wouldn’t be getting one.  I was a little sad but not sad enough to fork out $149.

I ended up typing lightbox in the search on Amazon and this came up.

I decided to risk it and order one.  It was smaller at 8-1/4 x 11-3/4.  I was okay with that…Best off, it was $21.  YEP…I can go with the smaller one.

So what do I think??  I love it.  Totally worth the price.  I know it’s not really big like Lori Holt’s but I can easily make this work.  Plus, the childcare kids love it.

This gal is just finishing 1st grade and had a great time with it.

When I was at Hobby Lobby I picked up these two patterns.  They can be found on Amazon too.   This gal is all mermaids and unicorns so I knew that pattern would be popular to trace…it turns out the lamas were popular too.

Tracing is good hand-eye work and improves pencil control…plus, tracing is just fun!

Here is one of the many pictures she traced.

I’ve used it a couple of times already for me too.  HERE is the link for the lightbox I bought.  Although it’s smaller than Lori Holt’s I’m very happy with the one I got.  Being I don’t use one all the time, this was perfect.  No more taping things to the window for me and BONUS…I have another activity for the older childcare kiddos.

I’m really lacking in things for older kids to do so double BONUS!

When I was at Hobby Lobby I stocked up on Perler beads so that’s what will be happening around here next week.  The kids just love them.  I sat down and made a long list of things we can do when the older kids get bored.  They get bored so easily and sometimes when I’m tending babies too, it’s hard to think of something quickly.

I have one here that always asks to watch television.  I told her every time she asked, I’d make her read a book.  She asked on the first day.  I made her read a book.  She hasn’t asked about television since.  HA!!  I’m not against a little television but honestly, she’d watch ALL DAY if I let her.

I’m loving having the kids here.  It’s a fun change to have the older kids here all of the time.  Watch for more childcare chronicles to come soon.

15 thoughts on “Childcare Chronicles”

  1. I am so happy to see the quilt being used. Makes my heart feel loved. I want to just pick up those babies and hug them. So sweet. Sending all my love.

  2. My stepson and his wife had 2 children and no TV. They went to the library each week and picked up over a dozen books each. They had small pets to care for, they did arts and crafts. These children grew up to be a Vet and a master biologist growing organic food. don’t know the ages of your older children but could you teach them to do small community projects? Like cutting up flannel into diapers for your Lutheran church. I taught my 8 year old grandchildren to sew quilts for Project Linus. Or have them make a Lemonade stand.

  3. Jo, you are so good at everything you do! Those kiddos are so fortunate to have you caring for them. You always have such good, educational activities for them. The twins are growing and are so cute, as are the other grandkids. Georgie is a cutie!!

  4. If the older kids like tracing, they might also like adult coloring books. The drawings are more complicated and sophisticated, not “baby-ish” at all. The ones with black backgrounds are particularly striking!

  5. Sheri Gleichauf

    I also have a budget friendly Lightbox from amazon, had it for several years and it’s still going strong. I use it to trace animals, food, and other designs for appliqué onto heat and bond. maybe the older kids could help you out with appliqué shapes from the coloring books. love to read your adventures. you have a wonderful family.

  6. What a wonderful post! The “I Raise A Hallelujah” song jumped into my head when you described Eli with his hand up- love that song! (Don’t you think they’re reaching for each other like they probably did in the womb?) And such cute pictures of the grands- especially Georgie on the scooter with her sunglasses on! And that picture of the tracing by a first grader. Amazing skill for that age. I know it’s work for you, but you’re surrounded with so much energy, creativity, potential and love!

  7. I also have that scooter for my son, he’s outgrown it now but I’m saving it for our newborn to use when she’s big enough. It’s really great and he’s a pro at the big kid scooters now. The twins have really plumped up! They’re too adorable. Honestly all the grandkids are, how fun (and exhausting) to have them so close in age.

  8. Wow–those babies are sure growing!! What fun to see all your grandchildren’s pictures like we all do.
    All such cute faces, smiles–and love the expressions in the eyes. I can see you in most of those little faces too. The childcare kids are fortunate to have you caring for them. YES-that’s wonderful-limiting tv time and recommending reading a book!

  9. Your grandchildren are just beautiful! All of them! I must say that Georgie resembles her Grandma! What a legacy you have! I bet Kramer is proud looking down on all of you!

  10. God bless you Grandma! Children grow so fast great that you get to enjoy them. Have you started letting them help with meal preparation. One thing I could always get them to do. breaking up the green beans mixing and tearing the lettuce for salad. anything requiring sharp objects done first. It was the height of bigness when they could use a small knife. Years down the road for you yet.

  11. I’m so in agreement about the lightbox, Some of the prices now seem so unreasnable.
    Your grandkids are all adorable.

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