Childcare Chronicles

It’s been a little crazy around here as of late.  We’ve had snow several days and that means a two hour late start.  This day, I put nine kids on the bus.

It’s no problem when they are all here.  They are good, know the rules and actually keep the little ones entertained so it works out okay.  The problem, when it comes to getting ready for the bus.  The kids are terrible about putting their mittens and hats in their sleeve so they can find them later.  Kids don’t always wear them either so I have to make sure they are in their school bag if they aren’t on their head and hands.  Oh my.  As much as I love having the big kids here, I was happy to send them out the door and end the hat-mitten-backpack search.

On the same day the kiddos were entertained by the snow removal guy.  Oh they love watching him in action.

I haven’t caught you up on our Christmas time fun.  Here the kids are with the masks they made from kits.  A blog reader sent the kits and the kids had so much fun making them.

Later they used them for a “play” they put in.  It was so cute! THANKS.

My three little three year olds are finally starting to get along better.  Carver has been the culprit on much of the discord but finally his competitive nature is calming itself and he’s doing much better.

Here they are playing with the fireman Duplos I bought at Christmas time….

Every year around Christmas I spruce up the toys a little….this year it was Duplo firemen.  I went on Ebay and bought a huge lot of them for $75-ish.  I was such a good deal.  As a childcare provider it’s really hard to buy enough of any toy that is a shareable amount.  This lot was perfect.

Here is one day after Gannon was eating in the high chair.  He had ate a Nutrigrain bar and plastered the jelly stuff from the inside into his hair.  So, in the middle of childcare I had to stop and wash his hair…oh my.

This is the project the kiddos made their parents for Christmas.  We took Wavy Sticks and the kids painted them black.  I drilled a hole in the top of them.  Kelli was here one day and packaged letters for each families’ names.

Then the kids sat by me and had to find the letter I told them we needed next and I hot glued the letters to the stick.  In hindsight I should have used a different glue.

I also glued a bow to the top and put a string through the hole to make it into and ornament.

Here is Carver so proud of his.

Here are the ones Carver did (with lots of my help).
Here are links for the items we used to make them.

Wavy Sticks
Scrabble Letters
E6000 Glue
I used hot glue but learned the hard way I should have used E6000

They were fun to make….and I think they turned out pretty cute.  It was a good thing to make to give the kids practice with identifying letters.

Before I go I want to share one more story with you that has no pictures…

The kids were waiting by the door for the bus to come.  One girl Emery said, “Reid, you can be my next husband”.  I said, “Well actually, you should pick a husband very carefully and try to only have one.  You should try not to have a ‘next husband’.”  Then Emmi, another little girl said, “Yes, you should keep him, but if he dies, you can get another.”  I said, “Well I don’t want to get another one. Roger died and I’m not getting another one.”  Emmi said, “Why don’t you want to get another?”  Emery said, “Because Roger was so awesome, right Jo?”  I told her “RIGHT”.

Absolutely right Emery.  I held it together long enough to get them on the bus then excused myself to the bathroom for a sec.  I was okay…but oh my.  It was a moment that made me sad for a second but for the most part, the exchange really made me happy.  It so nice to know someone else thought he was “so awesome”.

These kids get most every emotion out of me most every day from a couple tears, worry and complete joy.  I really do love them and my job.

..and that my friends, is the latest childcare chronicle.

12 thoughts on “Childcare Chronicles”

  1. I’m convinced now that I’m older that we model so much more than we ever thought for our children – the little ones all the way to our adult children. We learn and teach how to care for others in love even when the challenges are deep. We learn and teach how to say goodbye. We learn and teach how to remember and honor their lives in love, even when the person we love – family, a spouse, a friend – have passed. You do that well for your family and the children in your life.

  2. I loved your post today especially the story re: husbands. Little kids can be so perceptive & honest & tell it like it is! So I agree Roger was an awesome husband( & father)!

  3. Never a dull moment, either with your own or someone else’s kiddos. Thanks for sharing your stories (and ideas) with us.
    Love and prayers

  4. Judith Fairchild

    Oh your story about the next husband is one reason I love littles. There observations on life are so down to earth. What a complement to your Roger.
    I enjoyed the pictures from Christmas almost as much as the husband story. Thanks again for sharing your day

  5. What a beautiful post, Jo. Thanks for sharing. Have another blessed day with those precious ones. They are blessed to have you!

  6. Loved this post! Lessons everywhere. Those kids are like little sponges and soak it all up. I have always believed that. Darling little family ornaments the kids made. Great idea! Those kids are lucky to have you in their lives. Hugs!!!

  7. Jo, I laughed my way through your stories. You have such interesting and wonderful kids! I loved the story about Emery. How precious that she understands how awesome Kramer was!

  8. Jo:
    Enjoyed your day care kiddo stories, and cute crafts your made with them.
    I do a lot of crafts and my favorite glue to use is “Tacky glue” . It’s great to use with wood, fabric, & plastics and every good to mend broken glass with
    It dries clear and hold really great.

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