Childcare Chronicles

Childcare has been super busy.  Back in March a family had contacted me asking for room for two.  At the time, I had a bunch of sick kids missing days and often I only had five kids a day.  I ended up running the numbers and I could fit them it.  Life would be much busier but I could do it.

I’ve told you before that I’m no longer registered….but for the most part, I still follow their number guidelines.  I never like more than 8 kids.  I prefer 7 kids.

I ended up telling the family yes and then my other childcare families changed their needs….one told me they were pregnant…one added more days….one added extended days.  Well now I am FULL…I likely will be full for a bit.

I try to help out families the best I can and provide care as there is a real shortage of providers in my area….the only problem, when I get so many kids, I can’t do all the fun things I love doing…and they love doing.  It’s a fine balance to do the best and most things I can while still giving all the kids the individual attention that they deserve.

Last week I had a rare day and only had five kids….The night before one of my little guy’s Grandpa pick him up.  He is 82 and still is super active chasing after his 2 year grandson and tilling gardens…LOTS of gardens!!  Well he was telling that he was bringing the trailer and tiller tomorrow and was going to till my neighbor’s garden.  That got me thinking…Hubby is BUSY in the field.  REALLY busy.  It suppose to rain on Sunday.  I’m already late with the garden.  Maybe I should have Grandpa till it.  I said something to Hubby when he got home…he said “yes” and so in the morning Grandpa came.  Here he is tilling my garden.

Being I had just five kiddos, it was perfect for us to make this into a big event.  We put a blanket in the shade far enough to be safe but close enough to see.  We watched Grandpa.

They loved it.  I have boys who are currently tractor nuts.

After Grandpa left, I gave them some cups, took off their shoes and sent them into the dirt.  If you’re a gardener, few things beat bare feet in freshly tilled soil.  I wanted them to experience that!

Here’s Carver….

This one wasn’t too sure about the dirt and being barefoot in it so I picked her up and plopped her in.  She ended up doing fine and actually got to like it.

We planted the tomatoes….

While I put the tile and cages on them, the kids watered the plants.  Oh they loved it….Everyone was all smiles and no fighting at all which is really good to say about this bunch.

We ended up with muddy feet so I showed them how to spray the mud off their feet.

We had a super time!  The kids are all dirty and all will need baths tonight.  Long ago I told parents, if your kids don’t come home dirty, I didn’t do my job.  I still believe that whether it’s paint on their clothes or a smear of spaghetti under their chin….or a VERY dirty yellow dress!!

This was the PREFECT day not to have so many kids…with more, it would have been so much harder.

Tomorrow is the first day of summer vacation here.  My childcare schedule is completely changing again.  That’s okay…the change keeps it interesting.

14 thoughts on “Childcare Chronicles”

  1. I just loved reading this! My little guy is a tractor nut, too. He loves watching the neighbors mow the grass, even. He would have had such a good time watching Grandpa till your garden. And playing in the dirt is good for kids (and grownups, too).

  2. i don’t know how you do it. I taught school for many years and i am sure i couldn’t handle this age group. I admire you!

  3. Debra Hageman

    Denny is my brother-in-law :) He comes all the way over here North of Ossian to till my garden when ever I want it done!! He’s the best!! And you’d swear he was 70 not 82!!

  4. Oh, how fun!! Warm dirt, cool dirt, maybe a worm…and then to help water the newly planted tomatoes and get wet. Such a great time!

  5. Wonderful, wonderful educational day! As a teacher, I never got days *quite* like this, but with just a few, how much fun, and what they learned goes way beyond common core! If Grandpa lived here with his tractor, I might have him dig up my entire hill in back! Terracing works!

  6. Phyllis Singler

    What is the tile on the tomatoes for???? I have never seen that. I have one here in my truck just curious though what the purpose Is? What a fun day for the kids

  7. I love reading your childcare chronicles, Jo! I do so admire what you do with your kids! You create such fun from what is happening at your house! Gardening must have been so much fun for those lucky five!!

  8. Oh such fun! You are the best! I just always want to thank you for all the teaching and loving you do! And the inspiration you provide to those of us reading! But Jo, we need to talk. I will cut you some slack, but that’s a beautiful quilt (hopscotch butterscotch?) you put down, not a blanket! Oh dear girl!

  9. Susan the Farm Quilter

    What a fun day for everyone! Why do you put the tile around the tomato plant? Is it to keep rabbit or other pests away from the plants?

  10. Betty from Canada

    You probably give some of those child care experts heart attacks on a regular basis.Good for you keep doing what you are doing.

  11. Looks like fun but like some others, I’m asking for an explanation about the tile. I have never seen or used tile……

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