Childcare Adventures: The Toilet Version

How do you not read a blog entry with that title…right?!

Monday all of the kids came to care a little crabby.  Sad but true, most Mondays of childcare are like that.  The kids typically had different sleeping patterns over the weekend-were busy, busy and like me are a little tired.

I have a two and half year old in care who shall remain nameless.  She’s been toilet trained for a while but still has an accident now and then so I’ve been making a big effort to go into the bathroom with her making sure she takes care of business.  Well Monday I convinced her it was time to go and “try to go”.  She was fine with giving a try so I went in with her and helped her up onto the toilet.  Just then the older three gals started squealing.  I figured the little one was okay so went to get to the bottom of what the three were squealing about in the dining room.  After a few minutes of working with bickering girls I went back to the bathroom.  Just then my little one comes around the corner and that’s when I realized that argument with the girls lasted a little longer than I had thought…more like 5 minutes rather than the 30 seconds I thought it would take.

I looked at the gal that was in the bathroom a couple times and she just looked guilty….kids have a way of doing that-look guilty.


I went into the bathroom to see if my suspicion was correct..yep it was.  She had unrolled a LARGE roll of toilet paper and put it all in the toilet.  The toilet paper was still in a huge wad at the bottom in the water.  UGH.  I flushed it once hoping there hadn’t been much paper on the roll but it wouldn’t flush.  UGH.  How do I clean this up and watch kids and for that matter, how do I fix the toilet.

Do I scoop all that I can see out?  Do I try to plunge it all?  UGH!  UGH! UGH!

I was leaning against plunging.   I didn’t know if there was a wad of paper towels under the toilet paper in the stool.  I knew the paper towel roll was soaking wet…but was there some in the toilet?
Finally I called Hubby and asked for advice.  The sweetie came in and took care of it for me.  He scooped all he could out.

As he did that I had the little one on the time out chair and decided it was time for a rule regarding the bathroom to be implemented.  So the rule-  THREE SQUARES ONLY!!

So Hubby says can I talk to her.  That made me a bit nervous.  Hubby is know to have a quick, fast temper.  I figured maybe she needed a strong man voice to scare her enough not to do that again so I said sure.  In the calmest voice ever he said, “Don’t ever-ever do that again.”  That’s all he said.  I guess the guy is getting soft in his old age…or learning that yelling doesn’t fix much of anything.

So that’s the latest childcare adventure….and remember should you ever come to my house and should you need to use the rest room and should you see a sign up with a picture of three squares in my bathroom, you’ll know what it means…ONLY USE THREE SQUARES OF TOILET PAPER!!!!

6 thoughts on “Childcare Adventures: The Toilet Version”

  1. this remn-inds me of my then 4 y.o son who disliked bleu washtowels and so he flushed them all at once trough the upstairs toilet….we had to get someone in to make everything allright again… it teached me to never buy bleu washtowels again! [ my son is autistic and has his own way of looking at the world ]
    have a wonderfull day today!

  2. Oh that gave me a chuclke this AM. Sorry I know you didn’t think it was funny… I toilet trained a 3 yr old once w poker chips! She had not ever been encouraged to do anything on her own (smart parents, just not parenting smart) Any way my children would do “jobs” around the house for a poker chip. she wanted some…. I gave her one for everytime she used the potty chair. (not the big toilet old fashioned little chair) She had it down by the end of one day, but it was FRIDAY!!! I send her mom home w instructions and poker chips… she came back on Monday w a little purse of poker chhips and TOILET TRAINED!!! Who knew! LOL
    Oh BTW My Children, that I gave poker chips to, could cash them in for some evening TV time, or for a quarter at the end of the week… for school age kids it was a good deal back then.

  3. Is this what they mean by potty humor? Lol. I rewarded my daughter with chocolate covered raisins, sort of a self fulfilling reward!

  4. I am more generous than you are. I have a 4 square rule at my house for the 5 year old. Now, if the “big” boys would use that! ha

  5. Yuck! As punishment for leaving her my cat Katie would roll off all the toilet paper–we had to hide the toilet paper from her when we left the house

  6. I can see that happening. That roll of TP was just too tempting. Our oldest a boy rarely did any shenanigans, but his two younger sisters did all the time. Once I went into the bathroom, and someone had sprayed a can of shaving cream all over the bathroom. I gave each of the girls a chance to tell me, and told them that until the “guilty” party fessed up they would be in their room. Each girl swore up and down that they did not do it. Finally my son came to me and said, “Mom, do you know who did it, It was me! Why don’t you ever accuse me of doing things that are wrong” I was surprised, and could let the girls out of their rooms!

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