Chicken Update

Several of you have asked how life is without the chickens…remember we got rid of them about a month ago?’s good and bad.  I don’t miss chicken chores-not that there were lots of them to do.  We’ve been so busy that it’s nice not to have that one extra thing to worry about.

It has been incredibly hot here with high heat indices for the last week so I am glad to not be worrying about chickens out in the coop.   I do however miss have eggs readily available.  I do miss standing there after doing chores and just watching the chickens peck.  I also miss having something to do with my food leftovers.  The chickens loved watermelon rinds and other food scraps.  Now I almost feel wasteful not having a use for watermelon rinds anymore.

My egg holder in the refrigerator has looked so different.  There have only been white eggs.

Then when I was at the grocery store this week there was a discounted carton of eggs for 75 cents that I quickly snapped up.  There were only 11 eggs in the carton.  When I got the eggs home I loaded them into my egg container in the refrigerator.  Now it looks a little more like normal…brown eggs and white eggs.  I miss my brown eggs and I am too cheap to buy them in town.

For now, I am happy with no chickens.  I just can’t care for them the way they need right now.  We’ll see what happens at the new house once we are settled.

6 thoughts on “Chicken Update”

  1. It is so interesting that you’d write this post today. Just yesterday as I made an 8 egg quiche I was thinking of you and wondering if you missed your chickens and eggs or not. Now I know.

  2. Have you ever made watermelon rind pickles?? As a kid I remember having the neighbour kids over to eat watermelons so my mother could make pickles. They were so good.

  3. We recently returned to Kauai to live, and I think I should have chickens here. Home grazed chicken eggs sell for $8 a dozen!!

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