Chicken-Cheese-and Rice! Oh my!

A post from Kelli–

Last week, I had to work a run of overnights at the hospital.  While I don’t mind working overnights-and actually enjoy it occasionally-it does require a little bit of planning ahead.  I was scheduled to work Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, so I was planning on making some kind of casserole that Jason and I would be able to eat Tuesday and Wednesday and then we’d both be on our own for Thursday.

I had been at a church potluck the previous weekend and someone had brought chicken, rice, and broccoli casserole and I decided that’s what I wanted to make. I set out on a pinterest search and found this receipe here–

I happened to have all of the ingredients on hand so I set to work and before long, I had this–

And boy was it good!  And I even counted it as healthy because it had broccoli in it–That means healthy right?!?!

Jason came in and tried some and approved.  It’s kind of funny–When Jason comes in the house, he usually comes in through the garage and as soon as Puppycat hears that door, she makes a beeline to wait for him.  And once he’s in the house, she’s attached to him like velcro!

So if he was going to have some, she only thought it appropriate for her to partake as well–

He usually “drops” some-which I’m pretty sure he plans more than he’ll ever admit!

Would I try it again?  Sure would!  The leftovers saved well and it tasted great warmed up too!

Also–For those of you wanting and update on Puppycat’s lump, it did come back as a fatty tumor.  I’ve been told by a few people that feeding your dog “extra stuff” and table scraps can prompt these lumps.  If that’s the case, she’s definitely earned the lumps.  For now we will just leave them, but if they become bothersome to her or continue to grow, it sounds like the vet would be more than happy to remove them.

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  1. Susan the Farm Quilter

    Puppycat is a Beagle…they will anything you are willing (or not willing) to give her!! I had a Beagle growing up and she ate an entire ham…luckily she survived but she was miserable! Hope none of her tumors bother her. I’ll have to share your recipe with my girls, they like broccoli.

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